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roadside peek, with some 'muffler men.' yeah, i was watching egg tonight ...

'visual poetry by nari -- girl wearing weed whacker hat.'

you can't make this stuff up. the 'united states lawn mower racing association.' check that pic.

i don't know. it amazes me, some of the things one finds. even more so, what people will do for a buck. from ananova: naked man skydives with can of deodorant taped to his private parts, enters legal profession.

freshmeat: xml.php. "... a tree generating XML parser, written in pure php. it does not use expat, dom, libxml, or any other external library or functionality. all functionality is implemented using php's string and array handling functions."

twilight tonight, standing on the banco in the back yard ...

twilight, 9/2/01.

times of india: the u.s. may resume nuclear testing. okay, how do we tell mr. bush, "no"?

well, the trip to the tesuque flea market was a bit uneventful. bought a humongous jar of local honey; but that was about it. not much 'guy' stuff there. lots of jewelry, gems, rocks and other things for the female persuasion. more african art than i remember in a long time. you could outfit a trendy apartment in manhattan in about six seconds (if african art is still as popular there as it used to be). stopped by home depot, but i got ushered out after putting on ductwork and pretending to be the tin woodsman. nobody has a sense of humor anymore. took a long drive out through the desert, took some pictures, came home. and here i am, drinking tea with fresh honey.

bsdtoday: nasa uses openbsd, overcomes 802.11b security flaws.

from windowstracker, 'phptriad'. installs apache, php, perl and mysql in one shot. or, use neotrace to track that ip or email address.

business journal: women in tech. "despite its inequalities, meissner says the tech industry is probably more gender-neutral than most other professions."

i'm having too much fun, now that i've dredged the old newton out ...

help, i'm getting addicted to the newton again ...

since weblogger is in the midst of changing servers, alwin of 'view from the heart' sent over a link he deems worthy of posting. christiaan barnard, the first heart surgeon to perform a heart transplant, has died.

the sunday times.uk: answer to the perfect storm? a white powder that 'drys up clouds.' [i love these kinds of discoveries.]

reuters: kenneth branagh wins shakespeare honors. i'm one of those hardcore shakespeare wonks who loved his supposedly 'endless' version of 'hamlet.' just that first shot, where you see hamlet dressed in black, saying "a little more than kin, and less than kind" got me right between the eyes.

macnn: netobjects goes out of business. gui-based editors that layer proprietary commands overtop of html, end up taking more time to learn than html itself. people are less afraid of the code nowadays.

freshmeat: arsdigital content management system.

unixreview: simply running something other than IIS is *not* a complete security strategy.

antialiased fonts for gnome.

good information for zopatistas today at zopenewbies.

slate.msn: conrad black. "... a very large number of [journalists] are ignorant, lazy, opinionated, intellectually dishonest, and inadequately supervised." veritable tons of popups. beware.

political wire: gore and bradley in minneapolis.

bbc: michael schumacher breaks record for formula one wins.

wherify: tracking kids by gps.

freshmeat: another update to php layers menu. database abstraction layer for php.

megapixel.net september edition.

internetweek: great bridge postgresql sends oracle back on it's haunches. still perusing what you said about this, john.

mit's bathroom server. seems to be down. i used to have a client with an account that was so dog-slow, i used to theorize it was served on a 386 in a bathroom ...

santa fe new mexican: the thirsty ear jazz festival. damn, i missed it. that's what i get for not checking last week's paper.

ny times travel: hike the adirondacks.

ny times arts: seeing more in rachmaninoff. not just for pianists.

ny times: west nile virus spreading westward. indiana/ohio/kentucky. wait'll it hits the mississippi, and heads south.

ny times art: life imitates the hudson school.

reuters: in dubai, it seems men turn to the internet to see anything other than a woman's face.

reuters: as much as i like scottish ales, i'll draw the line at dung-flavored beer. like the taste of peat moss? laphroiag. good stuff. maybe i should reconsider ...

cnn: israel branded 'racist' by u.n. forum.

planning to head over to the flea market in a little bit. looking for 'architectural accents' ...

i slept in today. hey, i'm allowed.