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i've been asked, 'how do you undo heartache?'. my answer: don't listen to country music. an in-joke. sorry.

ny times newsflash: hewlett-packard to buy compaq. gee, that'll increase the computer counterspace at officemax ...

the register: fbi warns about unix telnet daemon vulnerability.

webtechniques: postgresql vs. mysql.

bbc sci/tech: reducing calorie intake can lengthen your life.

my intention was to point out that 'zionism' is an attempt by an 'indigenous people' to win the right to their homeland. the u.s. government does not recognize the right of native americans to *their* indigenous homeland. i find it a double-standard.

i have removed a post that made a very poor comparison of concentration camps to native american reservations. it was wide open to misinterpretation, as evidenced by a gaggle of emails. as a rule, i don't ever erase postings here; i usually leave them and retract. i was concerned this one would cause undue heartache, so i retracted it, and i sincerely apologize. my previous posts i will leave intact.

a palestinian's view of why zionism is racism.

definition of zionism; definition of racism. reach your own conclusion.

global free press: bush's mideast vanishing act. we sold israel the weapons they're using to destroy the palestinians.

global free press: the democrats blew it on social security. an important read; dive into this one.

goal today: finding a good gas weed whacker. the honda's look really nice, really heavy, and really expensive. i guess stihl or shindaiwa (sp?). i've got a lot of cactus to cut ...

panicware free pop-up stopper. windows. one of my faithful readers reminds me that the icab browser (mac) has strong ad-blocking features.

bbc sci/tech: listening to the earth's atmosphere. on april 23, a meteor hit the atmosphere over the pacific, exploding with the force of the hiroshima nuclear detonation.

xmlhack: rdf update.

the register: mcafee patents virus update over the internet. watch for flying fur over this one.

morphon css editor. java. direct xml support.

ibm developerworks: extending python and zope in c.

la times: kill the national endowment for the arts? if the n.e.a. ends up financing 'couch paintings', i would have to agree.

the guardian.uk: great writer, poor speaker?

globe and mail: meet morpheus, file sharing that can't be shut down. another one of many ...

dallas morning news: wright's 'falling water' is falling down.

santa fe new mexican: santa fe city considers raising minimum wage to $10.50 an hour from $7.00.

santa fe new mexican: mexican trucks getting 'thorough' inspections. one out of four 'randomly selected' vehicles is getting turned back. do *you* consider that acceptable?

santa fe new mexican: albuquerque judge sets campaign spending caps.

ny times op-ed: watch your state. moving towards online sales taxes. the end of the free ride may be coming soon, especially now that taxless internet sales are being portrayed as 'unfair to the poor.' instead of buzz, i'd like to see proof. hard numbers, govs.

ny times books: review of 'my name is red'. sounds really good.

ny times: ... and the best internet art is ... virtually anything.

international herald tribune: 'ruggedized laptops.' remember when you used to pay extra to get your 35mm camera 'ruggedized'?

reuters: cannabis spray relieves multiple sclerosis pain. britain. take that, american 'medicinal marijana' opponents. dogma has no place in science.

reuters: democratic senator vows filibuster on arctic drilling. we realize it's a last-ditch effort, but thank you senator kerry.

reuters: chocolate is good for you. hmmm, but does it balance out the fat, caffeine and refined sugar negatives?

wgbh is girding for misapplied religious fervor, upon the airing of their eight hour miniseries on "evolution."

good morning! day three of the american labor day three-day weekend.