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for some reason, my mind turns to trinity church, on wall street. i wonder how it fared in all this. the walk through the cemetery was a welcome break from the steel-and-glass canyons.

franklin delano roosevelt: "always will we remember the character of the onslaught against us. no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the american people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory. i believe i interpret the will of the congress and of the people when i assert that we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make very certain that this form of treachery shall never endanger us again."

abraham lincoln: "with malice toward none, with charity toward all, with firmness in the right as god gives us to see the right, let us strive to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds ... to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations."

evening news reports panicked people purchasing gas in droves in new mexico, for some reason believing the price of gas was going to skyrocket to eight dollars a gallon. they have footage on the news of lines waiting at gas stations all over the state ... while the gas station owners try to calm them down and convince them that it's a buck-and-a-half today, it might go up by ten cents sometime in the next week ...

maybe that's all that's left ... just like the world trade center. a memory.

i'm yakking, but inside i'm wondering what's happened to all those great people i used to work with on wall street all those years ago. how many were killed? i can barely remember their names now, but i can remember all their faces and mannerisms.

wgbh has the specs on the former world trade center. the people who have been planning the demise of this building obviously knew of the building's "tube" construction. you can take a paper towel tube, and compromise a corner of it, and see how fast it will collapse. i have to assume the broadcast antennas and hvac units on the roof didn't help, either, once the outer supporting skin of the building was compromised.

i've been on the verge all day, but this made tears come to my eyes. how deeply buried is that webcam, and who is entombed with it?

feels like we're living a tom clancy novel (debt of honor, executive orders).

former cia director woolsey, on cnn television, wisely says that this terrorist attack may be orchestrated behind the scenes by a government or state. that our investigations have to be thorough and complete.

the five stages of mourning.

here in new mexico, the malls are closing. the national forests, parks and monuments are closing. the capitol in santa fe is under police guard. the streets have less than 1/10 the usual traffic. it's very, very quiet here. i may be crazy, but it feels like we're holding our collective breath, waiting for the quantification of the horror, the casualty count.

as more of the new york financial center falls to pieces, it becomes ever more clear that this has been a day of unprecedented terrorism here in the u.s. ... a coordinated attack against our economy, against our government, against innocent civilians, against military personnel. premeditated and deadly ... every single facet.

the 47 story salomon brothers building, next to the former WTC, has just collapsed. i did a presentation there, years ago. this is just all unbelievable ...

historically, our adversaries have continually underestimated the united states. the term 'dissipated', and 'soft' come to mind. we pull together to support each other, we pull together for mutual emotional relief ... but we also pull together to become a fist. it will be interesting to see what president bush chooses to do with that fist.

via geeknews: here's a strange one ... 'japanese red army claims responsibility for u.s. attacks?'

ananova: looks like the fourth hijacked plane was aimed at camp david.

osopinion: on os x, to pc or not to pc.

bbc: swiss nurse admits to 'euthanizing' 27 patients.

bbc sci/tech: coral reefs much rarer than thought. even more precious, and need protection.

bbc sci/tech: artificial ants may run telecommunications networks better than humans.

cnet: credit suisse thinks the WTC attack will trigger a recession.

vaults of parnassus: python openssl wrappers.

nandotimes: u.s. to close embassies indefinitely.

linux today: the sccca and its potential effects.

freshmeat: solomon mysql web interface.

i'll try to post some 'normal' news now. it's 2 pm mst.

i should mention my friends are middle eastern, of 'arab' descent. i sincerely hope americans will not indiscriminately demonize those of assumed arabian descent. some arabs are sunnite muslims (as opposed to shiites), some are coptic christians. bigoted idiocy should be avoided, please.

we just got the news; our friends are safe. they were both working in the world trade center. the husband's home, the wife's on her way. they just had a baby a short time ago. thank god, my prayers were answered. now to pray for all the others who weren't so lucky ...

times of india: dollar falls, wall street stops, world economy next?

the new york times direct is releasing digests via email, probably because the main site is jammed. they report the navy has despatched two aircraft carriers to the new york harbor area.

the faa has decreed they won't contemplate allowing domestic flights to resume until noon tomorrow. that's the earliest. this is unprecedented in america.

theories are still flying. it may be that the plane that crashed in pennsylvania may have been headed for either the capitol or the white house.

2,400 died in pearl harbor. that was a military/military conflict. today's casualties may be higher, and totally civilian. how much greater will america's response be? we are stunned for the moment, but the anger will know no bounds.

news reports that each hijacked plane had a california destination; each was a flying bomb, fat with aviation fuel.

the local red cross is going to be setting up blood donation centers. the national blood supplies are near crisis lows.

for my friends in europe, think about the 'hindenburg' blimp tragedy newsreel. that's the emotion that's being expressed in america right now.

local news has urged citizens to stop using 911 to ask for 'information'. it is for real, local emergencies only.

i've heard it estimated that 50,000 people work(ed) in the world trade center.

keep in mind that the PATH train station is directly underneath what's left of the world trade centers. a major commuting hub, and subway access point.

twelve flights are being diverted to albuquerque sunport; a dicey deal, because kirtland AFB (sharing the same real estate) is a nuclear repository. update: all flights are on the ground. several hundred people from cross-country flights are at the albuquerque sunport, waiting to see what to do next.

i don't know about you folks, but the skies are eerily quiet.

9:37 am mst: los alamos is zipped tight, air umbrella activated.

if you haven't caught it yet, the united states is under terrorist attack.

two commercial planes smashed into the world trade centers this morning, causing both buildings to collapse.

the pentagon has been also attacked by a plane, causing part of the building to collapse.

reports of a car bomb outside the washington (?) state department.

reports of a plane down near pittsburgh, one near philadelphia (?).

faa has grounded all flights in america, says at least one plane is still in the air. some reports say it's being militarily escorted at the moment.

canada has now grounded all planes as well.

every state and federal agency is on alert. f-16's and other aircraft are combing the skies over new mexico. kirtland and cannon air force base are both scrambled, and in the air.

more later. i have friends who work in the financial district. i pray god they're alive and healthy.

thank goodness jason's ok.