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the bbc reports that 'only one tower was insured.'

ny times: by barest count (3 out of the hundreds of companies in the WTC reporting), 1,500 reported missing.

reuters: congress shelves missile defense, for the moment.

zope: new extfile/extimage released.

air mail has been suspended on passenger flights. i wonder if our bills will get a longer 'grace' period?

cnet: online businesses feel impact of attack.

salon: flying the corridor. if i remember correctly from my flight school days, the vfr corridor up the hudson was a popular flight.

looking for information about martyrdom, i ran across this, on 'shahada.' learn about the 'joy' of martyrs' mothers.

irish times: a representative of the international islamic front says this could only have been osama bin laden. hmmm. but was there anyone else backing it?

globe and mail: hijackers identified. looks like they learned how to fly in florida.

nandotimes: you gouge gas prices, you face prosecution. let the feds know, if you see it.

i would bet money that washington national will be closed permanently soon. it's a risk even without terrorists.

cnn: nato will support u.s. retaliation.

reuters: the world awakens to war.

reuters: ancient tomb theft baffles police.

fox news/television is reporting that one of the survivors rode the collapse from the 82nd floor. leg injuries. with all the floors pancaking into each other, maybe there's a sliver of hope for some of those caught in the upper floor wreckage.

reuters: nation turns to patriotism. strange they had to define it first ...

reuters: u.s. military waits with 'a very large hammer.'

reuters 'print-friendly pages aren't working. so i'll link the 'normal' pages.

as i mentioned yesterday, this was also an attack on the economy. the destruction was international, not just american. the world must respond in concert.

via arts & letters daily: barbarians at the gate.

sydney morning herald: how to judge aboriginal art.

dallas morning news: once upon a time, doomsday plots were entertainment. the unspoken question, does life imitate art, or does art imitate life? the author trevanian found out that life imitates art, after he wrote 'the loo sanction'. the exact techniques he described were used to steal valuable paintings. he never used such a level of detail in his writings again.

linuxjournal: "give me shell access or give me /dev/null."

earthweb: macromedia flash positioning to dominate. pushing marketshare, and ready to embrace svg? or just out for a buck? time to speculate.

webref: printing a dynamic template.

cnet: ebay bans trading in goods that might profit off tragedy.

cnet: capitalist system cranks into gear after assault. a lot of good information here. opec assures good oil supplies. greenspan may cut interest rates further. etc.

xmlhack: new xml editor, redfoot 1.0 released.

sun blueprints: ntp administration and architecture.

truesecure: a practical approach to a security program.

wired: feds pushing carnivore in wake of attacks.

the register: the u.s. attacks have caused some to slip a gear. nostradamus ... please. give me a break. his ancient french is so hard to translate, you'd be better advised to find prophecies in a phone book.

science daily: gene transfer in primates successful.

freshmeat: unixmail, webmin 0.88, kstars.

newsforge: bumpy ride for turbolinux.

times of india: who's next? the world braces for terror.

new york times op-ed: we now live on the other side of history's rift.

william safire in the new york times posts some important questions. and takes a surprising jab at the president.

international herald tribune: political courage is the only real defense. "... the only real defense against external attack is serious, continuing and courageous effort to find political solutions for national and ideological conflicts that involve the united states." a good article, worthy of some deep thought.

president bush has called this 'an act of war.' that puts special considerations into place.

i'm sure you are hitting all the major news items on the terrorist attack today, so i'll try to post some 'normal' news first.

one thing's bothered me all night ... the pentagon isn't enough of a symbol. there had to be something else intended in the washington area. and i don't mean camp david.

lycos: us attacked, what you can do.

emotions are running high on some weblogs; in pointing to the five stages of mourning yesterday, i would advise everyone to step back a bit. everyone handles grief differently; some lash out, some cry, some opine for days. we are one, but we're not the same. we've got to carry each other ... through this time of great sorrow.

haven't even gone to a news site yet ... figure i'll switch on the boob tube and see what the repeating chant is for the morning.