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the answer my friend, is blowin' in the wind ...

ananova: talk of war makes europe nervous.

reuters: congress moves to change our way of life. beware for our civil liberties, folks. no longer torn, adam.

mozilla 0.9.4 has shown up on some download sites.

thank you, those of you internationally who took time to show support. express condolences. took part in a prayer today. we in america truly appreciate it. the anguish on pope john paul's face, as he prayed ...

it's a copyright-free flag over there to the right. copy it; use it. best animation i could find in five minutes. if you find a better, let me know.

some may have a problem with that. try this: a list of 'green' investments. there are profiles here so you can make sure you agree with their company practices.

reuters: a bleak monday looms over wall street. i think the idea of buying a few shares of stock, whatever you can afford, is a great idea. or space it out over a few days.

reuters: oh, now this is important. microsoft will remove the wtc towers from its flight simulator game.

reuters: safety of breathing in manhattan still a concern. the smoke and dust may cause collateral deaths.

reuters: everybody's panicky.

yahoonews: boeing jet deliveries could plunge. domestic airlines will need federal support while downsizing from lack of passengers, or go bankrupt. this terrorist attack is like a stone thrown on a calm pond; we're still in the midst of the large waves. the ripples will be spreading for years.

wired: senate ok's fbi spying. you can be watched, without a court order. i'm torn, concerned about civil liberties here. i need to read more authoritative information before judging, however.

freshmeat: whitebeam, html/xml and javascript.

the register: how we know echelon exists.

the register: a flaw in ssl toolkit. a patch is available.

afghanistan land mine fact sheet. a dangerous place.

kde news. thanks, dan.

mahatma gandhi and his myths.

bbc sci/tech: major hominid find in southern africa.

securityfocus: understanding ldap, sasl and kerberos.

rootprompt: prepare for openbsd 3.0.

yahoonews: mayor guiliani requests that the media be accurate, verify information before publishing.

mac nn: opera for mac, beta 3, brings new features. trying it out again. beta 2 was dog slow.

freshmeat: setedit.

slashdot: choosing a router/firewall for the home lan.

the irish times has an international death toll from the wtc collapse.

a very good friend, and fellow jungian, sent me this in email. i post it to the soliloquy section: healing.

times of india: pakistan will allow overflights.

times of india: india assists fbi in gathering information on pakistani terrorist training camps.

international herald tribune: excess of grisly images means tough choices for the media. it's a balancing act, for sure.

oh, good lord. read my weblog for more than one day, hmmm? reactionary first-time readers here are misjudging my weblogging philosophy. i pride myself on the exploration of *both* sides, pointing often to things i believe are important ... whether i agree or not. i realize you have noone to lash out at ... but lashing out at each other does no good, and can possibly do great harm. focus on those americans who are trying to profit from this catastrophe. telemarketers. price gougers. let *them* have it. they deserve it. i want to be digging in the rubble, trying to save people, just as much as anyone ...

'jihad' does not literally mean 'holy war.' it means 'exertion in the way of god.' it ends up being repurposed much in the same way as the bible verse 'i bring not peace but the sword.' it is best applied to the internal struggle, the effort to stay true to the faith. the deprecated use is as a call to violence, armed conflict. interpretation of the holy writ is an issue even in orthoprax religions.

santa fe new mexican: sometimes you *need* a little story. a bright spot. here's one. 'officer back on patrol after recovering stolen bicycle.' note that even some of the young people he keeps in line donated for a new bike.

ny times op-ed: the editors agree with my analysis of yesterday. no margin for error. this needs expert diplomacy to result in the best outcome.

ny times op-ed: no matter what you think of mayor guiliani, this is his moment. like churchill, he'll be dumped after the crisis is over. but for right now, he's found his niche.

reuters is unresponsive.

ny times: rain hampers recovery efforts.

rain and wind in manhattan. damn.