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when hiking in bear country, leave your dog behind.

war, children, it's just a shot away
it's just a shot away
- rolling stones, gimme shelter.

reuters: a list of 'hero guests' at the speech, and a little background.

transcript of the president's speech. except for a few pronunciation stumbles, very well delivered. no quarter given ...

buying computer books? check this out: bookpool.com. and i thought getting 'programming python 2nd ed.' for 48 bucks was great ...

cnn: saddam hussein offers 'humanitarian aid' to u.s.

from another reader: search engine friendly ssi image gallery. apache. thx, morbus.

nytimes: tracking your fitness via the latest fad, pedometers. have you taken your 10,000 steps today?

reuters: four new towers to replace the former two. 50-60 stories. makes a lot more sense, and easier to manage, as well. just the water and septic issues were big problems in the old towers.

reuters: these are the hijackers. you can consider their faces, but never forget the deeds.

just got back from a quick client stop. wtc tragedy aside, be thankful for the life you've got. a pickup truck was coming in the opposite direction, dropped a mag wheel w/fully inflated truck tire out the back ... and almost punched my ticket for me. hallelujah, brother. i'm still here.

microsoft personal security advisor. hmmm. i hadn't kept up with everything. fixed now.

fighters overhead today. but i won't mention exact times, types, or directions anymore.

new dow jones newsletter you can subscribe to ... 'rebuilding wall street.'

reuters: working on a smallpox vaccine. preventing bioterrorism.

reuters: fear of tall buildings.

new scientist: there goes about a hundred books. atlantis may be right where plato said it was.

village voice: turning to pop culture in times of trouble.

maccentral: the 6.5 stuffit *lite* package is available.

nando: the crown prince of dubai gives 5 million to relief efforts.

rollcall: congress wants washington national (reagan) airport reopened. this airport is a security risk, any way you look at it. way too close to the capitol, the white house. most aircraft accidents happen on takeoff or landing ... any mistakes at this airport will put you either in a heavily populated area, or in midst of the washington mall. close it. extend your mass transit out to bwi and dulles.

ibm developerworks: rapid web development with css and xhtml. if you're a small biz, bookmark this.

global free press: the semantic war. when we use the word 'crusade' indiscriminately, aren't we *also* declaring a 'holy war'?

global free press: america needs "... a more humane and even-handed approach to the world."

zope: zbabel, translation capabilities.

cnet builder.com: xhtml, past present & future.

linux planet: hypersecurity. ssl to your septic tank.

linuxworld: how to save apache log files in a postgresql db.

wired: build your own sub.

interaction web server 3.6. xml. i may have linked this already.

osopinion: linux the hard way ... a newbie installation. interesting counterpoint to below, in a way.

freshmeat: mainstreet credit card verification engine, codeblue [email infected hosts], hotsheet [multi-platform java rss reader], metabase, filemanager [unix, ssl].

the register: mac os x 10.1 release next week, as planned.

the register: virtiol. there's a great deal of it around, these days.

cnet: microsoft deflects charges of worm woes.

linux as a windows 2000 replacement. a great hands-on article, for the small biz networker.

zdnet: intel scraps a xeon, gives us 'prestonia'.

ny times op-ed: afghanistan's deceptive strengths.

ny times: a special kind of grief. there will, in spite of the desire to rebuild, have to be a substantial portion of the site dedicated to a memorial of some kind. a place for people to connect with those they've lost.

ny times: now, here's another one. i normally disagree with william safire, but he sounds good today: expand the 'voice of america'!. more than the internet, radio can save the world ...

a lot of servers are down from this latest NIMDA worm. state government sites are down, mail servers are down.

irish times: the e.u. tightens anti-terror laws.

irish times: u.s. army prepares for 'sustained land combat.'

times of india: the prime minister of india asks the u.s. to look beyond afghanistan.

international herald tribune: surgical strike, or mass attack?

international herald tribune: a central asian initiative that could eliminate bin laden.

international herald tribune: bush 'shoots from the lip'. the man learns to ad-lib.

reuters: stock market continues to tank. still want private social security accounts? i shudder to think what's happened to my 401(k).

reuters: some may never be found. instead of dan rather's callous comment the day after, guiliani is aware of the grieving families and times it just about right, imho.

reuters: the 'guest' has been asked to leave. bin laden, that is.

i heard on the news last night, fighters and bombers from all three new mexico air bases are leaving today for saudi arabia and other locations. the stealth fighters from holloman, as well.

ok, what was i thinking last night?