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some uneven performances too. eastwood looked like he was packing something (like a 10" magnum) under his right arm. i still say, there are some performers who should just dump the studio recording system. faith hill, without 'enhancements', has a fabulous voice. i'd like to hear her totally acoustic. bon jovi and richie sambora also are outstanding when performing acoustically. and they're good old jersey boys, like me ...

the 'tribute to heroes' has some rather outstanding performances going down. neil young doing 'imagine' is a show-stopper.

making 'garret's goulash' tonight. ground beef and whatever's left in the refrigerator, chopped finely and seasoned. tonight's feature: leftover fire-roasted green chile, some leftover fresh corn, green beans, roasted peppers, etc. etc. etc. with some fries on the side.

and i just heard a rumor. americans love spreading this kind of stuff. latest poop from a local store conversation: a friend of a friend of a friend who works for the fbi says that big sports stadiums are going to be targeted by terrorists this weekend. with ambulances and firetrucks as the bomb vehicles. great. 'gossip paranoia.' america's new sport.

you know, everyone's being awfully delicate. noone's mentioned the 'd' word yet. DRAFT. wanna send your kids to afghanistan?

bloomberg: almost biggest financial drop since depression. "foreign investors are pulling out of the u.s., institutional investors are raising cash and retail investors are throwing in the towel." consumer confidence isn't the only hit; international confidence matters, too.

the times.uk: book review, in ruins.

boston globe: fundamentalists aren't so wild about harry.

linux intrusion detection system.

the register: terror attacks usher in copy-controlled hardware.

slashdot: free bsd ports for gnu/linux.

heard in a shopping aisle this morning, two elderly ladies waiting to check out, holding magazines:
blue hair: "who's that?"
silver hair: "oh-sam binlayden. the terrorist-man. say he's issued a fart-wa."
blue hair: "look at his face. must've smelled to high heaven."
at this point, i exit swiftly so i can explode with laughter. noone else seemed to notice.

as soon as i said that, i catch this from the secretary-general, via blackholebrain.

which makes me think. what good is the united nations, unless it can arbitrate such conflicts effectively? it could be that this is the make or break time for the united nations. move it from america's shores to some neutral location (st. helena?), and truly invest it with arbitration capabilities. we have to learn to live together sometime ...

global free press: allies start to fill in the blanks. should the 'war against terrorism' be a u.s. branded venture, or a united nations operation? is this the time to truly empower an international arbitrator?

global free press: view from a pro-american section of palestine.

global free press: osama bin laden and jerry falwell, brothers in faith? note it's an article from madison, wisconsin ... i would posit that religious fundamentalism of any type is going to take some serious hits over the next couple of years.

bbc sci/tech: space probe ds1 will visit comet borelley this weekend. cool!

bbc sci/tech: detecting terrorists with technology ain't a sure thing. using porn to hide directives?

xmlhack: elfdata xml editor for mac, rdf data query language.

unix review: regular expressions, what's so special about python 2.2?

wired: alaska drilling debate heats up. of course.

cnet: new faster dsl standards. and inline repeaters will allow some distance, too.

for mac, a new pci/firewire and usb card.

businessweek: google rules. popular sans marketing.

zdnet: linux kde 2.2.1 rivals windows.

freshmeat: php_lib_login, bplog.

code forge ide.

the register: u.s. ecommerce set to burgeon. almost makes you want to dip in and buy that enterprise-level ecommerce software, right? but they don't mention what will happen if our u.s. state governors get their internet tax initiatives passed.

the register posts more fun fallout from their 'terror coverage.'

lwn.net: wmaker/windowmaker security advisory. malicious web titles and terminal escape sequences ...

net-security.org: quick sendmail anti-nimda hack.

slashdot: ms frontpage restricts free speech.

slashdot mentions four new open source licenses. here's a list of all osi licenses.

bah. enough vitriol. but playing the 'blade runner' soundtrack today.

irish times: u.s. to lift sanctions on pakistan and india.

irish times: british foreign secretary to visit iran, to ask for cooperation. turning khomeinism against talibanism?

more fighters overhead, a little while ago. news says they are probably 'noble eagle' national guardsmen.

times of india: where is bin laden? of course, there is the possibility that all this shield-pounding by the u.s. of a. is simply a tactic to make bin laden break and run. the question is, if we get bin laden outside the country ... what about afghanistan?

times of india: pakistani hardliners threaten jihad. i can't help the feeling we are walking straight into a hornet's nest ... the severity of which will leave us no option but the nuclear option.

santa fe new mexican: flight schools remain grounded, by the f.a.a. not good. not good at all. help the american economy! go to your local flight school, and sign up for some ground school time.

nytimes op-ed: hama rules. an important read.

nytimes: gas masks are a hot item.

nytimes: taliban will not turn over bin laden without evidence. note, my comment from yesterday is seen here. they object to the use of the word 'crusade.' well, we object to the word 'jihad', laughing boys.

reuters: hollywood on heightened security alert.

reuters: three banned from flights after air-rage incidents. now, here i believed we grew out of temper tantrums at around age ten. silly me.

reuters: work at the wtc site shifts from hands to machinery.

reuters: international opinion opposes a military strike.

reuters: here it starts. attorney general warns boston of possible attack.

got a lot of work to do this morning, which is why i'm a bit late.

still getting pounded by google. the interest in the 'face in the smoke' is getting greater, not less. i may go back and remove the references. my brother says he noticed a significant similarity to pictures from volcano smoke back about three years ago. maybe it is a little creative photoshop work ...