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sun 23 sep 01

caption contest, anyone?

statement from the web publisher of the society of friends website (quakers).

globalfreepress: some think the bush administration may have provoked the wtc attack ...

globalfreepress: has everything changed?

nukelayout class. php.

space.com: deep space one did the comet rendezvous.

petanque america. can't do a full-size court inside the courtyard, but i can do a 9' x 25' or so. why not? nice way to pass the time.

we can, of course, have snow just about anytime. last year, we got it around october 20th, and these slopes were ready for skiers way ahead of the thanksgiving opening.

went up to the ski basin today, and found the entire ski road mobbed with people. all locals! we went all the way to the top, and climbed up the ski slopes. the aspens are bright yellow, but there's been enough rain this year to allow some of them to go orange/red ...

everyone's enjoying the fall color.

ny times op-ed contributor: faith and the secular state. good points here, esp. if you believe the u.s. has been anti-muslim. i would like to know more about the link between khomeinism and the taliban, however.

nytimes art: peering into the abyss of the future.

nytimes: anguish for the vast toll of children left behind.

reuters and various other news sources are talking about further attacks this week, the possible use of crop dusters to spread biologicals or chemicals.

reuters: isaac stern passed away.

found a nice log cabin-style bench swing at closeout. no frame, so i hung it from the back portale. been having coffee out there, planning out the day. amazing how cool it's gotten in the mornings already.