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tue 25 sep 01

now that's a hard target. flash.

raissa, rss news reader for newton. via splorp.

times of india: indian youths made to serve militants. psh-wow. "... only after returning to india that i learned al-qaida was a terrorist organisation. in riyadh and other places, it is known as a religious group whose main job is to teach basics of islam and ensure that all muslims practice the religion properly ..."

ny times travel: got $5k? see canada by train, in style.

ny times: lawmakers lean towards large economic stimulus package. whither the social security surplus?

bbc sci/tech: you've done well, deep space one.

salon: emotional rescue.

my brother reminds me, in reference to airline pilots carrying weapons, that plastic bullets are always an option.

digging around, i see you can buy a used cropduster for about 100,000 bucks. good news is that in general, you can't legally setup a homebuilt aircraft as a cropduster. but these nerks being suicide types, who knows what they'll try next. i hope the fbi is looking closely at homebuilts/homebuilt sales and homebuilt licensees. ultralights? gliders? balloons? who knows. when one starts brainstorming, paranoia knows no bounds.

irish times: sharon gives go-ahead for peres-arafat talks tomorrow.

reuters: another new antiretroviral for hiv. fighting evolution.

a reader points me [in my sleeping bag search] to western mountaineering. the puma looks very nice. don't know if i can handle the price, however. i need a 'tall' model, as well. thanks, vincent.

times of india: france freezes bin laden, taliban assets.

times of india: life inside al-qaeda.

times of india: the u.s. and india don't quite agree on what constitutes a terrorist, esp. if they're coming from pakistan. promising to fight 'all forms of terrorism' will ensnare us in a rat's nest diplomatically, for sure.

globe and mail: israel's sharon cancels talks with britain's straw. not really 'cancelling', more 'postponing.' displeased over possible interpretations of a single statement.

afghan daily: taliban claim 300,000 will fight u.s. forces. in reality, maybe 60,000. they've got a jpg of osama bin laden's signature.

inside: remember the 'authoritative florida recount' report that was due? it's been put on hold. some say it's irrelevant now.

global free press: a war, or a crime? interesting concept. by calling it a 'war', have we "legitimized" a radical cause?

global free press: yusuf islam, formerly cat stevens, speaks out.

maccentral: more kpt effects.

vaults of parnassus: generic gui package.

unix review really likes the linux cookbook.

openbsd packet filter how-to.

installation guide for gnome 1.4.1.

the register: stung by gartner, ms promises a rewrite of iis. linux, you have an even bigger opening. grab it.

kde.news: kde::enterprise launched.

lord of the rings theatrical trailer.

slashdot: solar flare. watch for auroras at night over the next couple of nights. bbc sci/tech has more. i wonder how our folks in the international space station are preparing.

faz: wim wenders on film fantasy vs. reality.

nando times: melody can satisfy. so can a sneeze.

new york magazine: how will contemporary art change, in the wake of the wtc tragedy?

santa fe new mexican: new mexico is going to execute a criminal for the first time since 1960. but we're so out of practice, we're hiring some moonlighting executioners ... from texas.

international herald tribune: afghans do not support the taleban or bin laden.

reuters: interest in personal nuclear bunkers is growing in japan.

reuters: anti-aircraft weapons at united states nuclear plants?

reuters: pakistan to keep ties with taliban.

ny times: identifying the dead in nyc. one of the largest dna efforts in history.

ny times: stock market continues to rise.

ny times: electronic encryption controversies.

ny times: airline pilots want to carry guns. if they must, i'd like to see a gun that won't automatically cause a decompression event.

ny times: saudi arabia cuts ties to taliban.

well, on the sleeping bag question, i've had a very good recommend on the north face superlight. anyone else?