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thu 27 sep 01

then again, maybe it's me. not so long ago, i'd be finishing a short scramble on the rocks just over the way, in the wilderness. i'm not ready to bleed off the energy from longer daylight hours yet. and who wants to sit here just blogging all the time? (grin) ...

a gorgeous sunset tonight, faded away to a beautiful evening. that moon is up to mischief, i just know it ...


boy, as i've said before ... what a rat's nest of issues. as hard as i try to understand everything, the details simply inundate. but i think it's important to make a start, away from popular media sources. as edward abbey reminds me from a quote i've got pinned to the wall, 'two-bit sycophantic journalists' aren't much help in such situations. one needs to find authentic, authoritative sources ... that is, in the absence of direct experience. the more i read on the internet, the more i realize i don't know.

the article the link below recommends: charles krauthammer, judging israel.

soc.culture.jewish newsgroup: can you criticize israel without being anti-semitic? are anti-semitism and anti-zionism the same thing? why is opposition to israel seen as anti-semitic? is zionism racism? hey, look. i'm trying to understand all this. certainly the media is no help.

a couple of years old: a personal diary of the israeli-palestinian conflict.

mideast watch.

united nations, a question of palestine.

le monde diplomatique: media omissions, army lies.

FAIR looks at middle east reportage.

a self-described american jew talks about palestinian rage.

mid-east realities.

vim 6.

reuters: .biz on monday, maybe.

reuters: maybe one should buy pharmaceutical stocks. new york relies on pills for relief.

santa fe new mexican: could a terrorist hijack a WIPP truck? great. these trucks pass a mile from my house.

santa fe new mexican: those who rely on the tourism industry in santa fe are looking for a bailout.

council on foreign relations: u.s.-mideast policy and the mitchell committee report.

gotta do some cleanup on this machine; off for an hour or so.

politicalwire: was bush a target or not, and nbc gets slapped for interviewing bill clinton. the clinton years may look like golden ones, in hindsight. this administration won't abide that, so look for an increase in spin ... just my 0.02 cents.

ibm developerworks: improving open unix security.

unixreview: a look at squid.

consulting times: profiting from open source.

zdnet: management tool for linux systems.

freshmeat: redicommerce, open source shopping cart.

the register seems to like mandrake 8.1.

anandtech: affordable dual-processor mobo.

so, i was doing a small photo shoot yesterday. since i've only touched my little digital camera for the last six months, picking up the nikon f4 was a shock. but looking through the viewfinder, i found that the digital camera has very much freed my creative side. i'm seeing photographic opportunities now, where in the past i saw rote. hard to explain, but i think you'll understand.

sorry; still busy today. thought it was lightening up, but the telly's ringing off the hook this morning.

times of india: the thorny issue of pakistan's nuclear capabilities.

ny times op-ed: secretary rumsfeld writes a piece about the new kind of war.

ny times new york region: rites of grief, sans body.

ny times: the stock market hates uncertainty. continuing the fall.

ny times: what's the plan, george?

international herald tribune: the physics of turning the towers into rubble. 4.8 million pounds per floor? or am i reading this wrong? if so, there aren't any bodies left ...

reuters: stocks fall for internet equipment makers.

reuters: viagra may help oxygen uptake at high altitude.

reuters: teleportation moves a step closer.

john has the answer to suicide gunmen.

mountain web cams.

the pressure is easing ... i think.