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fri 28 sep 01

guidelines for doing pro bono work.

global free press: a waning taste for revenge.

salon's "get eddicated about the crisis" booklist.

ram prices still tanking. like watching a limbo match.

slashdot: consumer *hydrogen* fuel cells. now that's more like it ...

cnn: strict new rules for private pilots. better pray if you stray ...

reuters: water security tightens. that is, patrolling your reservoirs. "the solution to pollution is dilution."

corn mazes. more corn mazes. a friend mentioned these to me; i'd never heard of 'corn mazes.' what a cool concept. i believe i'd have to drive a loooong way from new mexico to see one, though ...

some of us aspire to this level of 'journalism.' then there's the 99% remainder. just choosing links is interpreting, imho.

jour·nal·ism \'jern-el-iz-em\ n (1833) 2 b: writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or descriptions of events without an attempt at interpretation.
- Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary

zope.org: localizer 0.6.1.

bbc sci/tech: rock-eating microbes under the sea may control earth's climate. in view of global warming, can we ask you guys to 'chill out'?

yahoonews: some families are suffering multiple griefs. two daughters, two out of three sons ...

xmlhack: new 'character model for the world wide web, and xml bluberry requirements. for the last, a bib? blueberries stain ...

the register: amd palominos in november. i can't say as i like the misleading names. poor marketing on their part, i think.

newsbytes: u.k. hackers crack bin laden's sudanese bank accounts. hacking for peace?

slashdot: buried in components, what's the best universal remote?

ibm developerworks: charming python, iterators and simple generators.

paint the moon. er, um ... well, i look at it this way. at least some people will be trying out scientific method in real time, instead of reading about it.

osopinion: should mac os x and linux fight, or join forces?

the guardian: palestinians mark one year of intifada.

nasa earth observatory: it's the atmosphere, not the ocean, that carries the most heat to the poles.

o'reilly: sdl, the directx alternative.

newsbytes: instant messages warned of wtc attack?

cnn: microsoft stands by iis despite gartner recommend.

msnbc: identity theft easy for terrorists.

cs monitor: history according to hollywood. glamourized, sanitized, simplified.

the new republic: no time for comedy?

times of india: bin laden 'located,' given letter.

times of india: bin laden shrugs off assets freeze.

santa fe new mexican: the new face of security in santa fe. hooding a few parking meters, removing some newspaper boxes.

new york times: choose your child's sex.

new york times: bleak worldwide outlook for tourism.

new york times: "the time of fun and waste has gone. the time of judgment has arrived."

new york times: tighter security vs. civil liberties has both political parties in a tizzy.

new york times: hard times for the first amendment. patriotism shouldn't breed intolerance.

international herald tribune: the trouble with coalitions.

reuters: dna identification may have a time limit.

reuters: saudi arabia will allow use of their bases for air strikes against bin laden.

reuters: u.s. special forces may already be operating in afghanistan. an unfortunate press release, if true.

almost october. sheesh. here i spent so much of my growing-up years wondering what 2001 would be like ... and now it's almost over. given current world events and technology, it hasn't quite lived up to my expectations ...