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mon 01 oct 01

11:30 p.m., the moon is full ... and the coyotes are yip-yipping and howling away. there was scat under the bedroom window the other night.

wildcharacters: guerilla php.

global free press: a former vietnam vet casts a critical eye. worth your time, if you don't believe the 'melting pot' theory of americanism.

cnet: knownow raises $15 million. i've been hearing venture capitalists making noises lately ...

nandotimes: worldwide cooperation in shutting down terrorist finances.

dpreview: coolpix price cuts.

the register: experts demolish anti-apache microsoft fud.

zdnet likes os x.

net-security.org: multiple local sendmail vulnerabilities.

also, while picking up some equipment today, stopped by the bookstore and found 'the zope book.' guess what it was under? stuffed in betweeen ASP and PHP (both of which were out of alphabetical order).

did the sleeping bag purchase, finally. found a 2000 north face maxwell's demon, last year's model with 800+ fill power down for 247.00. couldn't resist the higher quality down, and water-resistant shell. plus, it was yellow. so sue me. i should have it by the weekend. can't wait.

douglas adams: is there an artificial god? love the explanation of feng shui; a dragon would have one heck of a time getting around my office. thanks, jerry.

council for secular humanism: sadly, an honest creationist. "... there is no sensible limit to what the human mind is capable of believing, against any amount of contrary evidence ..." i am not a creationist by any standard, but i can't help playing both sides of the fence ... creationists believe the world was created in a day, scientists believe the universe was created in a flash/bang. remember, a theory can be defined as conjecture, and conjecture can be defined as an interpretation of omens ... (grin). just playing with your head. via an anonymous source.

reuters: pak says taliban's days are numbered. a great deal of interesting details here. ex-prime minister bhutto says bin laden dominates the taliban, acts like a warlord.

webmasterbase: redirecting virus attacks with .htaccess.

bbc sci/tech: endangered sheep cloned.

cnet: new duron.

home networking survival guide.

webref: easy content management with xmlcmnow. client-side.

daemon news: inside jail. a good read, if you're on imeme.net like myself.

linux focus: shell programming.

limewire releases 'sparky.'

the register declares os x ready for prime time. where can i get it for the cheapest price?

the register: complaints over amd's xp pricing policy.

linuxtoday: followups on the w3c patent policy ... richard stallman, eben moglen, microsoft, etc.

the register: w3c blesses fee-bearing patents. we are a class of merchants, or didn't you realize?

latest netcraft survey. specific trends re: code red are listed.

nsa: security-enhanced linux.

slashdot: why a 'well-rounded' education? for myself, because you never know what you'll end up doing ten years down the line. so many i've met have degrees in fields completely unrelated to their source of income. ask your co-workers sometime.

irish times: bush turns up heat on taliban. tidbits of interest here. apparently saudi arabia will not allow their bases to be used against 'any muslim or arab country.' one wonders if that includes iraq.

times of india: u.s condemns attack against j&k assembly in kashmir. are we being careful picking allies, or are we just taking the short and fast route to our immediate goals (as we usually do, much to our detriment)?

santa fe new mexican: first annual dog-and-pony show! i'm *serious* ...

international herald tribune: muslim condemnations. sort of reflects my opinion that suicide bombings will happen, religious sanction or no.

international herald tribune: vast global toll forecast from september 11 attacks. "there is an absolutely clear link between the drop in economic activity and infant mortality and poverty ..."

reuters: here's where ethics get tangled: designer babies.

reuters: man, mistaken for elk, killed by brother. clearly identify what you're going to shoot, first.

ny times: that smell of death that surrounds the wtc site.

ny times: finding signs of an ancient flood, genesis of so many flood legends.

ny times: clinton disbarred by supreme court. the court gave no reasons. as i said a day or so ago, the clinton years look pretty nice now. watch for a gradual, intense smear campaign.

ny times: the surplus is gone. welcome back to deficits.

the first of october. another binary number ... 100101. well, one of the ways you could construct it.