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tue 02 oct 01

outlookindia.com: "beyond truisms", six questions asked of noam chomsky. thanks, interestingmonstah.

reuters: 'juice' from giant hornets improves athletic performance. now, i read about a similar stuff that is a mixture of the proteins the hornets ingest, not actual 'hornet juice' (whatever the heck that is). i wonder ...

reuters: great lakes may be cleansing themselves.

ananova: given that many bodies will never be recovered, mayor guiliani announced urns with soil from the site will be given to grieving relatives.

ananova: steel bars on cockpit doors. a temporary fix.

pymacs. extend emacs with python. 0.9 is current.

the sensational beginnings of 'yellow journalism.' media as political power. reflect on today: we don't need 'recognized' journalists to do our analysis for us ... all we need are the unfiltered facts, and direct/accurate quotes.

the beauties of zope content management. built a 'print friendly version' for the home page in about two minutes.

freshmeat: dcp portal [content management], stegdetect [for stegosaurus-in-bikini alerts].

macnn: bbedit lite 6.1.2, updated to fix os x issues.

newsbytes: internet could cost states $54 billion by 2010. where do they talk about the increased buying power of individuals, increased activity in small business, etc. etc.? there are benefits, not just detriments, to taxless 'net sales.

salon: bono.

zope.org: for colleges and universities, the open-source electronic lab notebook.

soap web client. ping the new weblogs.userland servers, semi-manually. via thetimesink.

tony blair gives great speech. via cam.

the evil empire sent me an email: try out microsoft word for os x.

php and xml: parsing rss 1.0. thanks, billsaysthis.

somehow, my rss feed for kumo got bollixed.

global free press: mahatma gandhi's unfinished work. today is gandhi's birthday. have a happy, gandhiji!

'selfless acts of self promotion' ... don't know where i saw the phrase, but i like it. been seeing a lot of it in the weblog world lately.

my schedule just suddenly cleared, due to a cancellation. now i have to refocus the agenda for my next two days. i'm somewhat mentally adrift at the moment ...

the atlantic: in defense of c.s. lewis.

new statesman looks at charlotte church. i remember friends turning pale at the sound of hearing ms. church in *another* store over the christmas season. for her sake, they need to avoid the overmarketing that was thrust upon the populace last year.

new york post: billy joel as classical composer.

guardian.uk: what makes a sculpture 'original'? rating rodin works.

political wire: some links in reference to the current state of missile defense.

bbc sci/tech: a photo of the 'perfect spiral galaxy.'

byte: build your own wireless neighborhood freenet.

ibm developerworks: intro to haskell. registration required.

linux focus: analyzing log files. not just apache.

linux journal: you can get there from here, part three, ldap.

freshmeat: elvin4 python lib, sitellite content management [php], document manager.

the register: "windows nt server 4.0 would be retired by october 1."

the register: w3c defends rand license.

daemonnews: backing up a windows machine from freebsd.


slate: quotes from administration principals about whether air force one was a target or not. don't know if i'd go as far as calling it 'whopper of the week.' simply given the possible threat of biologicals/chemicals in coordination with the wtc attack, keeping bush away was logical.

hindustan times: hike in u.s. defense spending may benefit bin laden family, through carlyle group.

judicial watch: bush sr. linked to bin laden family through carlyle group. posted for conspiracy theorists.

times of india: kashmir blast linked to al-qaeda. the identification seems fast, but then again, they're next door to the pak training camps.

times of india: bin laden calls his momma.

santa fe new mexican: tourism is seriously down. the mayor is freeing up monies to boost advertising in driving-distance markets.

ny times: arctic drilling, and parliamentary tactics, in the senate.

ny times: rational and irrational fears in terrorism's wake.

ny times: forensic architecture.

ny times: new theories try to link black death to ebola-like viruses.

salon: taliban's bravest opponents.

ny times: salon will be charging for more of their news. politics and news sections require a premium account now.

ny times: pakistan is a shaky ally.

ny times: *our* money goes to bail out the 'hurting' airlines, including united airlines. and what's united doing?

reuters: e-mail celebrates it's 30th birthday!

reuters: making headway with anthrax. i hope biologicals will get a priority in the genome-decoding field.

reuters: a palestinian state has always been part of u.s. vision.

reuters: nato invokes mutual defense clause. an attack on one is an attack on all.

vastly cool this morning, sunny as per usual. fresh. always that fresh smell. though chamisa allergies have placed my voice in the basement ... (*croak*, *croak*).