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wed 03 oct 01

new york review of books: saving us from darwin. another look at creationism, intelligent design ... and darwin.

just a hint: never have bizet's carmen, act one in your mp3 rotation just before bed.

we held the coastline
they held the highlands
and they were sharp
as sharp as knives
they heard the hum of our motors
they counted the rotors
and waited for us to arrive
and we would all go down together
we said we'd all go down together
yes we would all go down together
- billy joel, goodnight saigon.

business 2.0: usability links.

global free press: the algebra of infinite justice. long, but worth the read. nothing we haven't heard over the last couple of weeks, but brought together into a cohesive whole.

bbc sci/tech: a genetic basis for speech? maybe, gene therapy for stutterers? what a day that would be ...

salon encourages us to 'be prepared' for bioterrorism. what, no gas masks?

the register looks at the w3c/rand controversy.

slashdot: who has the fastest pipes? in order, best to worst: linux, win2k, winxp.

local television news reports that qwest (our regional phone service) wants to charge $1 for *not* listing you in the yellow pages. that's $1 per month. corporate pirates. we pay unbelievably high rates here in new mexico, compared to the same services in new jersey.

there's an old wive's tale that if you say something immediately before going to bed, you *won't* dream about it. so i'm going to say it here, as well as before bed. keep that whacked-out ostrich with the bottle of hairspray away from me. please. don't even ask.

military strategy, a conversation with colonel harry g. summers, jr.

reuters: nato to support u.s. with airspace, bases and fuel. i smell dresden ... who needs nukes?

reuters: u.s. steps up germ defense, speeds smallpox vaccine. sounds like a few of the recommends alwin has been making may get some funding now.

makethemaccountable: ask the consortium to release the results of the florida recount. sort of via cam.

check the daypop top 40. thanks, madorange.

seattle times: women's suffrage a 'mistake'?

new beta of ibuild for mac. hypercard/presentation type software. lots of people seem to like this.

just heard from a friend that the leaves are largely gone from the slopes of telluride; fall's just about over in the high mountain west.* here in santa fe, we're the lingering end.

[*some took exception with my west generalization ...]

reuters: elle macpherson introduces lingerie line. "... whose body appears to have bounced right back from producing a son ..." 'bounced back' ... pfft. one of these days, women will get credit for staying in shape. it ain't just nature; it's often hard work.

roto-reuter: taliban chief urges 'rich muslims' to fund defense.

i've been getting an increased frequency of 'server too busy' messages from the earthlink mail server. anyone else?

dansays comments and suggestions for weblogs.com. via mefi. also, other methods to track weblogs.

artnews: art museum as pickup spot. some works better than viagra?

washington post: hollywood wonders, what should we do?

washington monthly: reconstructing rockwell.

washington post: katherine harris to run for congress. urf.

bbc sci/tech: in britain, a new nuke plant goes online.

cnet: internet policy institute closes, citing funding.

xmlhack: rss file's been dry for a while, all of a sudden come back to life ... why waste my time individually linking? go check out soap, python xml goodies, perl stuff ...

daemonnews: the trusted bsd project.

o'reilly security alerts: open ssh, apache on os x, others.

linux today: a day of action against copy-protected cd's, in britain. then again, mac users may not have a problem.

freshmeat: mod_layout.

the register: ms predicts 'double-digit' pc market growth, when the economy swings upward. but it is now mostly a replacement market. 10% is *barely* double digits, folks.

the register: .info is having gestation problems.

seattle times: defend your mac against outside attacks.

the register: we'll fork the web to keep it free.

i still haven't gotten cable or satellite tv access. farscape is one of the shows i miss. good for them; two more years. [besides, i enjoy anything henson puts its fingers in.]

ananova: u.s. may know where bin laden is hiding.

times of india: pak militants slam powell remarks.

times of india: afghans are formidable fighters, says u.k. trainer.

santa fe new mexican: a quip puts a university of new mexico in a tub of hot water. where the academic world and the real world meet is often rife with misunderstandings. a professor makes a facetious comment, and the general populace want to fry him/her.

new york times op-ed: maureen dowd almost gets it right. the look of britney spears may be there, but the spirit of laura ingalls dwells beneath.

new york times: ftc to abandon new bills on privacy. instead, work on enforcing existing ones.

new york times: quotas in brazil. good grief. how complex we make our world ...

new york times: the new library at alexandria needs ... well ... some decent books.

new york times: russia and iran sign arms deal, nuclear reactors included. this should be front page material, imho.

new york times: cheap credit, except for those who need it most. yep. notice that the fed has lowered rates farther than ever, yet mortgage and credit card rates remain significantly above recent minimums? banks are covering themselves, in case of bankruptcies. but there would be fewer if they'd loosen their greedy little claws from around their purse strings. note, the new york times op-ed page has a different spin.

international herald tribune: swissair goes down, taking passenger fares with it. but for the real scoop, read davosnewbies today. lance has got better info.

international herald tribune: high-tech strategy for war. hi-tech, but untested in actual battle. afghanistan is a harsh environment. puts me in mind of the problems the original m-16 rifle in vietnam. [kept jamming with sand, caused many unnecessary casualties.]

cool again; a bit cloudy. oh, that's just in my head. it's nice outside ...