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thu 04 oct 01

so my darlin', my darlin', just let go by
that old silhouette on the great western sky
and i'll pick out a tune and they'll move right along
and they're gone like smoke and they're gone like this song
- emmylou harris, ballad of a runaway horse.

ny times: finding old-growth trees in well-logged places. follows the taoist belief that the 'inauspicious' tree lives longest. a tip of the hat to zhuangzi.

one man and a global web of violence. i know, i know. enough bin laden already. but this has different information than other sources, giving some background to bin laden's fervor. i was following a random link that says the cia may have funneled cash to 'makhtab al khadimat', the predecessor to al-qaeda.

ny times: the heartbreaking process of identifying pieces, over and over again.

motley fool: should you invest in defense? i think it's a bit late now ... everyone's in already. i'd be looking at previously-unconsidered security/biotech stocks. believe it or not, a company in albuquerque that makes concrete jersey barriers is going bonkers trying to fill orders ... everyone wants to block streets, parking garages, office buildings. coin a new term ... "mercenary investing" ...

webmonkey: internet explorer 6 overview, and setting up a linux firewall.

cnet: businesses are not happy with microsoft's new licensing.

cnet: mac faq.

salon: ashes to ashes.

wired: protein blocks may inhibit aids.

eukleides. a euclidean geometry drawing language.

oh yeah. the dithered ascii movie rocks.

santa fe new mexican: forest service to thin, cut and burn watershed debris to reduce fire danger. a great move, but they need to do more. preventing forest fires has made most of the santa fe national forest a fire hazard, choked dead undergrowth everywhere. it doesn't rot here like other places. it just keeps getting drier and drier and drier ...

ananova: unbelievably, beenz found a buyer. the patents [and tech] gave them value, whereas their 'internet currency' was worthless.

reuters: if you've got a compaq laptop, read this.

reuters: climate drove southwest cultural changes. erm, i'd like to see the results in toto. carlsbad is southeast new mexico, whereas most pueblos are northwest/central. we have two different weather patterns much of the time. our altitude is significantly different. judging by general trends may be valid, but going beyond that may be assuming too much.

you know, the more congress and the bush administration talk about spending, the more concerned i get about what they're going to cut to pay for all this. it won't be hurting the affluent, or the corporate welfare sector, you can bet your boots.

reuters: much of anti-terrorism bill may be temporary.

python-url! oct. 4.

freshmeat: pobjects for php, fetchmail.

yahoonews: florida man has pulmonary anthrax. not terrorism.

swiss army cybertool. via someplace (i can't remember).


the register: ibm behind the w3c rand policy?

the andrew sullivan article titled 'agony of the left,' linked so many places, leaves me quite confused. i *think* he's simply upset about peace marches, in general. i favor the churchill solution over the chamberlain solution, myself. but it sent me off to make sure i knew what a postcolonial, postmodern liberal was. i've got the urge to put on my propeller beanie.

just turned away a telemarketer, and got the comment: "oh, pooh-ee on you-ee." huh?

even andrea gets me with the blasted ostrich ... thanks, i think. there's also a gallery of her bike ride on sunday.

la times: san franciscans demand their book reviews.

the age.au: everytime you dial a phone number, you're violating international copyright law.

the guardian.uk: homer simpson as moral role model. "... the simpsons embody its sturdiest values and impart a highly religious tone ..."

the guardian.uk: putting wittgenstein to music. yow ... cool.

bbc: 'singling out whaling is cultural imperialism.'

bbc: anti-terrorist bill moves toward passage. removes the clause making hackers terrorists.

faults of helicarnassus: ip-block.

the register: athlon xp prices and speeds.

onlamp: what do you do with a full disk?

linux world: a linux network for peanuts, continued.

freshmeat: perl webmail, murty's anti-spam mail system.

[they're coming to take me away, ha-ha! ...]

a helpful reader sends this for my mental health:


osopinion: microsoft's bundling biz may backfire. i don't agree. bundling was how microsoft made powerpoint ubiquitous, even though it was a far cry from other presentation software offerings. powerpoint is now *necessary*, just like word and excel compatibility. powerpoint destroyed the a/v industry; i'll never forgive them for that. in the late 80's, i could manipulate three live video feeds, overlay real-time 32 bit graphic animations ... all from a souped-up windows box. but powerpoint became a universal format for presentations, and speakers wanted control more than a designed, professional look. so, thank microsoft every time you have to sit through another static 'yellow-type-on-blue-background-with-cheesy-clip-art' presentation.

times of india: cnn as theatre of war. "fewer than 20 per cent of americans have passports, but they're inquisitive about the outside world, read newspapers and are not stupid. the media by and large feeds them a diet of rubbish: reality television, lottery winners, sports scores and homespun violence." yes, but we could always read ... i refuse to be a sheep.

ny times: nice to see congress and mr. powell addressing the possibility of muslim rage, and pakistan's instability [given their nuclear capabilities].

ny times: russian plane crashes after explosion. somewhere, in this mess of links i pass through each day, there is a mention that due to the large number of commercial flights, statistically we can expect at least one airliner a week to be involved in a crash. given the current state of heightened awareness, it might behoove us to not react precipitously when a plane goes down. also, i have heard that the state of repair on most russian airliners is not quite up to snuff.

ny times: the airline bailout gets complex. dirty pool amongst the airlines: "... relatively strong carriers ... are pushing for tighter restrictions on the loans in the hope that financially weaker airlines will be forced into bankruptcy."

international herald tribune: in '96, sudan offered to arrest bin laden.

international herald tribune: swissair gets a reprieve.

reuters: experts warn of gas mask dangers.

reuters: pastor uses witchcraft to attract worshippers. interesting method to spread the 'good news' ...

reuters: queen elizabeth shares her bath with a rubber duck. even more interesting, she's got a 'big mouth billy bass' at balmoral castle. someone introduce this poor lady to 'wal-mart' ...

reuters: 320 million in afghan aid.

reuters: blair outlines evidence. interesting that we get more info from tony blair than our own president. must be a political tactic to sway world opinion.

las vegas sun: sequoia national monument safe; suit dismissed. a good work by clinton, saved from timber interests and atv users.

washington post: rhetorical contradictions flourish in 'the war on terrorism.' good point. how does one 'get back to normal' when there are 'serious terrorist threats'? maybe it's just snafu.

door-to-door salespersons should never be allowed to ring your doorbell before 8 in the morning.