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fri 05 oct 01

and they're only going to change this place by
killing everybody in the human race
and they would kill me for a cigarette
but I don't even wanna die just yet

there has to be an invisible sun
it gives its heat to everyone
there has to be an invisible sun
it gives us hope when the whole day's done
- the police, invisible sun.

you know, it hasn't been that long since columbine, when we were decrying the lethal nature of the disgruntled american teenager. we will be unleashing some of those 'natal mcveighs' on afghanistan. just a late-evening spin.

and happy thanksgiving to all youz up in that canadian-type place north of here ... *wink* ...

happy birthday, wood_s_lot!

well, it's the weekend again. and what's going on? the albuquerque balloon festival starts this weekend. we have friends flying in to see it, so look for some pics during the week. santa fe's filled with 'gerrys' (geriatrics). the old folks love balloons, for some reason. we see more seniors this time of year ...

eonline: stars banned from ground zero. why should they have privileges the public does not?

top xslt: helpful 'break' xslt template.

maccentral: r.i.p. macapp. again.

salon: who feels like shopping?

yahoonews: the u.s. contends some of the hijackers trained in afghanistan.

cnet: will w3c mean dollar signs?

freshmeat: qgallery, nimda notifyer.

in my referrer logs, i had a visitor from cbn.org. so i went over to take a look and found a really well-stated overview of the military situation around afghanistan. and it's a really important question: is limited nuclear war possible? it's a possibility that's in the cards, certainly.

looking back over my posts, i think i've turned into a curmudgeon. but i'm nursing a borderline headache today that's keeping me in a semi-perpetual frown. just in case y'all were wondering ...

santa fe new mexican: environmental groups want watershed surveys before thinning. okay, now, let's get something really clear. i consider myself an environmentalist. but many of our new mexican forests are dry tinder waiting for the spark. i'm wondering if thinning and wildlife/soil surveys could take place simultaneously, instead of delaying. our forests are dangerous in monsoon season, or tourist season. waiting too long will risk a devastating fire that will kill the animals *and* ruin the soil; not to mention the toxic effects on our watershed. we're in the desert, this is our major source of water. HELLO?!!! one wonders if anyone out of these groups has ever left their armchair and actually bushwhacked any of our densely-tangled forests.

santa fe new mexican: contradicting global warming trends, researchers discover over 100 new glaciers [or should i say 'glacial features'?] in rocky mountain national park, colorado. a big caveat, however, is that pollution from denver has increased cloud cover, making the area colder.

reuters: congress urges more generous tech writeoffs for business. for a small business, hardware costs pale in comparison to software costs [updates, upgrades, new purchases]. it'd be nice to include software in that calc. or maybe the hardware makers can bundle *useful* things with their products, instead of goat tripe. now there's a killer concept for userland ... get the release version of radio bundled with hardware, if this congressional concept pans out.

reuters: chips ahoy, the chocolate chip cookies preferred by terrorists in the united states. i don't think it's appropriate to name brands ... what value does it add?

oldie but goodie: xml-rpc programming in zope. 1999. "... zope is, automatically, an xml-rpc server."

cnet: palm m100 dips below 100 bucks.

build a better user experience ... or get out of the way.

freshmeat: imap filter, formulator [for zope].

slashdot: niche os's.

the fedex man just arrived. the north face maxwell's demon sleeping bag looks good. re-lofting itself now. i'm so *excited* ...

ny review of books: the philotyrannical intellectual.

telegraph.uk: when you see a human torso, you get a crackle behind the ears. no, not about wtc. more upbeat.

guardian.uk: the guggenheim opens in las vegas.

boston globe: gore at harvard. a response to campus peace marches, well put.

bbc sci/tech: u.s. pulls information off the web that could conceivably be used by an aggressor or terrorist. i wonder if they'll go back to making gps less accurate again.

bbc sci/tech: training fish to avoid predators ... by playing videos to them.

xmlhack: xml exporter for microsoft word. hmmm. gives me an idea ...

saults of jarnassus: pypgsql [interface to postgresql], dismantle [pretty print code].

sun help desk: mirror boot drives with veritas.

network world fusion: linux storage options.

serverwatch: ibm eserver p690, 'regatta'. uhm, $450,000. sure, i'll take *two* of these ... let's see how much change i've got in my pocket ...

moongroup: w3c fork, coming soon.

the register: dell clings to profits, amd doesn't.

bbc: will windows xp drive users to linux?

it's beautiful out the french doors. it's one of those golden fall mornings, sunlight slanting across the low peaks of the sangre de cristo mountain range, motes of dust and seeds floating in the breeze, each piece of grass and needle of cactus sparkles like a small topaz ...

yahoonews: mubarak's quandary.

times of india: fbi, cia foresee new terrorist attacks in u.s. again, as i said yesterday, how can one return to normal with such threats hanging over one's head? every three days or so, we get a depressed attorney general john ashcroft giving dire warnings, and an ebullient president bush saying everything's fine. remember the old steve martin bit about president nixon needing to learn to play the banjo? maybe president bush should buy mr. ashcroft a banjo ...

times of india: u.s. continues to shield pakistan. a thorny issue, certainly. we should have a national policy of not supporting military governments. i keep hearing 'noriega' in the back of my head ... only this time, noriega with nukes.

times of india: blair's dossier on bin laden has many blanks. whose dossier? i thought colin powell said we were going to make the evidence public. isn't this where the prime minister got his information? again, i find this a bit curious. do we, or don't we, have the confidence in the evidence to release it ourselves?

ny times op-ed: spending is the hard part. charities have taken in quite a load. i hope there's some federal oversight to make sure the monies reach those who truly deserve it.

ny times op-ed: yes, but what? other countries need to look in the mirror.

ny times: blair leaves british awed *and* seething. one notes that the british voted out churchill after v/e day.

arbuckles ariosa coffee trade cards.

i am concerned at the chinese response to the current world crisis. i've heard not a peep since the original attacks.

international herald tribune: tall dreams and premiums. tall structures are a burst of pride, not paragons of efficiency.

reuters: 'mystery' 200 year old box found under street.

ananova: two white lions born in germany. good pic.

up for the sun rise. if you need bouyancy of hope, i recommend it.