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tue 09 oct 01

"what does the fish remind you of?"
"other fish."
"and what do other fish remind you of?"
"other fish."
- joseph heller, catch 22.

we'll need a little yossarian, soon.

reuters: an individual's burmese python eats his pit bull.

guardian.uk: missed this, "strike one". covers america's bombing of the pharmaceutical plant in the sudan.

jeez, man, i link too much stuff. but i'm incessantly curious. can't help it sometimes. i need to go on a 'link diet' ...

i've heard rumors that walkerswood jerk seasoning is supposed to be great stuff. have to try it ...

tide pool: plundered promise of our public lands. worth a read-through.

africast: polish company develops timber substitute. i wonder about off-gassing, however.

some have been making fun of the fact the taliban use machine guns mounted in toyota pickups. don't laugh, grasshopper. learn from history instead. chad used them to defeat libyan-owned russian t-55 tanks. i'm surprised many don't remember that one. ironic that we may spend big bucks for a tank, that could be vulnerable to an $10k pickup truck ...

if you're excessively paranoid, you can always buy one of these ...

just received an email from a reader, asking me what's the best way to start weblogging: if you're genuinely interested in weblogging, forget the pundits and just get online and *do it*. pick a weblogging tool, and write. rely on the two finest teachers in the world, trial and error.

new republic: does islam fear our women? in a whirl of opinion pieces, here's another interesting slant.

utne reader: ayahuasca, sacred tea from the amazon. 5 pages, don't miss the links at the bottom of the pages. it's a trip to read, just by itself.

lingua franca: single egg theory, immaculate conception without god. the author takes quite a mouthful at the end of this piece.

dad used to also have this great story about when orson welles broadcast 'war of the worlds' ... he was walking home, and there was an old couple sitting on their porch swing on university place, on the west side of princeton university, i believe. dad wished them a good evening, as most walkers did in those days, and they answered him back by saying 'we've just been destroyed by martians.' dad kept walking home wondering what the hell they were talking about. he didn't find out about the 'panic' until the next day. the water tower still stands in what's left of grover's mill, n.j., where welles' aliens landed.

for history buffs, the wtc is not the first terrorist attack on the u.s. u-boats spent six months sinking unarmed merchant shipping off the jersey shore, sinking a total of 82 ships (scroll down). i used to hear stories from my father and others in princeton, n.j. about how the flames would light up the sky far inland, as the ships exploded and burned. and yet many newspapers didn't run the stories, and noone would talk about it, for fear of a panic. the rusted remains of shore batteries still sit in many shore communities. new jersey residents remember terrorism.

times of india: opec ponders a production cut.

salon.com: suspicious minds.

global free press: five reasons why america should not be at war. interesting. i haven't heard the 'working class/minority' argument against war in almost 30 years ... i hear creedence "it ain't me ..."

yahoonews: myriad announces potential cancer drug.


yahoonews: staroffice offers i.t. real choice.

slashdot: the america online protocol revealed, and scientists double optical fiber transmission capability.

diveintomark lost his job over his weblog. know anyone hiring in north carolina? drop him a line.

human rights watch: massacres in afghanistan by the taliban. also, the role of pakistan, iran and russia in fueling the afghan civil war. good information.

information please: who are the taliban?

also, from abc news, a report about how well the afghans survived last winter. "distribution of seeds to help the next farming cycle has not helped as afghan refugees, faced with starvation and little hope of returning home, have consumed the seeds." also mentions taliban massacres of innocents.

okay, here's what the u.n. world food programme, as of february 2001, claims they are doing. "... to help 2.5 million people meet their basic food needs until the end of next year at a cost of $88 million for a total of 202,000 tons of food." my earlier point, current news reports indicate up to a total of 7.5 million afghans are or will be starving by this winter, and the taliban have interfered with the food and aid dissemination efforts.

[post about afghan starvation numbers removed until i can get more information. my original post was significantly flawed.]

global free press: rhetoric to inflame the muslim world. it is imperative, in my humble opinion, that we capture bin laden alive. if this video is his last statement, he becomes a saint, a martyr ... if he's killed by missile or air strikes. we need to humanize and ground his image.

yahoonews/reuters: bush restricts lawmaker briefings after leak.

four new items at zope.org; check the new items box on the right.

javascript tip o' the day: how to position popups. much as we hate 'em, clients love 'em. gotta know how to do it ...

bbc sci/tech: sir isaac newton's actual notes on display.

bbc sci/tech: mr. hypertext lays into the web.

maccentral: blogscript uses xml-rpc in 10.1. say what you will, dave's been pushing the benefits of xml-rpc hard, and it's getting attention. he and userland at least deserve a mention. hmmph.

xmlhack: perl server-side svg, wasp lite 3 released.

sysadmin: ethereal packet sniffer.

ananova: evidence mounting that black sea airliner crash was due to missile. remember; due to volume of air traffic, we can expect statistically one airliner crash a week. no terrorist knee-jerk reactions until proven, ok?

wired: new weapons for a new war. here's a prediction ... the soviets used helicopter gunships heavily in afghanistan. american harriers will find themselves even more useful. the v/tol capabilities are truly impressive when used in a tactical firefight. one caveat ... it's a fuel-hog. but the british have it down, thanks to the falklands.

la times: researching 'stuck tune' syndrome.

newsforge: review of athlon xp 1800+. verdict: wait until the prices inevitably drop, or buy a current 1.4ghz if you can't wait.

the register: samsung's 576mb dram.

build your own 100mbs neighborhood fiber network. via slashdot.

santa fe new mexican: national labs on high alert. even more notable, this article puts meat behind my previous opinions ... "air travel was returning to normal over the weekend." and "the u.s. air attacks on afghanistan did little to faze passengers." we've got tourists out our eyeballs here for balloon fiesta. many of the gloom-and-doom opinions are coming from the 'big cities'. one can't blame them for being a little paranoid, but they don't represent america.

irish times: 1240 taliban 'defectors' switch sides to the northern alliance, close afghan road.

times of india: u.s. assures pakistan that india won't attack. even the rumor of war is destabilizing.

nytimes: the *real* great escape.

ny times: a different kind of wartime economy. following up that thread from davosnewbies yesterday, this is interesting.

ny times: under the towers, ruin and resilience. good information on current engineering challenges and the general situation at ground zero.

ny times: the supreme court rejects microsoft's appeal.

ny times: saudi arabia also a target of terror attacks.

international herald tribune: flag this, an important read. taboos are put to the test in the west's view of islam.

ny times: more on arafat: arafat gambles on the west. note, we condemn israel for use of arms against the palestinians. where is our similar outrage for palestinians using armed force against their own? the same people are being shot ... later: a reader points out that this sounds a little strange. my immediate thought, that i did not complete here, is that the fundamentalist/moderate schism in islam is going to become more apparent, and that this is a story to be watched.

international herald tribune: palestinian against palestinian in gaza. bin laden's comments may have destabilized the arafat administration.

reuters: bin laden fans go online to voice admiration.

reuters: anthrax case has experts puzzled. the only logical explanation for anthrax in the building may be an intentional planting of spores. of note in this article: russia claimed to have made an 'antibiotic-resistant' anthrax. good lord.

a repeat from yesterday: if you know of any artists displaced by the wtc or pentagon events, have them look into a no-charge residency at the santa fe art institute. santa fe's a good place to destress, and get back in touch with the 'real.' [if you're a new york blogger, please snatch this link and post it where you think it'll do the most good. no attribution necessary.]

gentle rain last night; almost couldn't even tell it was raining. low grey shredded clouds scudding across the mountains this morning ...