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thu 11 oct 01

the grey company trebuchet page. build your own siege engine.

some beautiful tsuba ...

if we cannot learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.

okay, maybe i should explain that last comment (before i get a tidal wave of email). my dad fought on tarawa; he was second wave to the beach. the navy pounded the hell out of that place, but the japanese were underground, in bunkers and pill boxes. i have a 'shadow box' with dad's campaign ribbons on my desk ... and the remains of a wooden game he found in one of those bunkers. the navy bombed ... and the japanese were playing board games. when the marines hit the shore, the entire first wave was massacred. we are currently pounding the taliban, yet we know they have extensive cave and tunnel systems in their high-altitude mountains. caches of food and arms. it is very likely that the air campaign will not reap the same advantages that it did in iraq. again, armchair theorizing ... i'm as bad (or as good) as any other pundit.

bulletin of the atomic scientists: the gulf war, cleanly fought. gems in here. 'conventional war' [as opposed to 'nuclear war'] has itself become as devastating as nuclear. a high-tech conventional war between equals will yield no winners. after a total read, however, most of the comments could only be made in hindsight. when in war, you don't have any prescience ... as with simple self-defense, you hit first and ask questions later.

the philosophy of war.

personally, however ... i kept wanting to shut the tv off. i found his grasping for fluency quite embarrassing ... yet i wanted to *know* more. so i suffered through.

president bush's press conference was quite strange. at first, the questions and answers sounded scripted. then, after a while, mr. bush started to 'wing it' ... and he hasn't gotten better since pre-election. the media pundits on the pbs newshour were polite, but there's no getting around it. bush is no great orator. he will never inspire the flights of patriotism that tony blair does ... but his down-home style probably appeals to many who got "c's" in school. he finally gets his meaning across, but he struggles. remember carter trying the 'cardigan-and-fireside' addresses? mr. bush should try a 'cowboy-boot-and-barbecue' chat ...

salon: dread comes to pottery barn.

wired: potential terrorist attacks, codename: 'skyfall.'

freshmeat: php fasttemplate clone.

the register: networking bug makes macs hang up.

webtrendslive has changed their service somewhat. don't know if i'll continue to use them.

a legend is back: mountain gazette.

reuters: nato awacs planes to defend u.s. starting friday.

interesting. just more input. esp. that last bit about the 'biting dog.' as with most religions, being a cleric must be a real high-wire act sometimes ...

"do not take life - which god has made sacred - except for just cause. and if anyone is slain wrongfully, we have given his heir authority to demand retribution; but let him not exceed bounds in the matter of taking life, for he is helped by the law."
- qur'an 17.33

'o sons of abdul muttalib, let there be no retaliation for the act of murder. do not roam about with a drawn sword... and do not start a massacre of my opponents and enemies. see that only one man, that is my murderer, is killed in punishment for the crime of murder, and that nobody else is molested or harmed or harassed. the punishment to the man who attempted the murder shall take place only when i die of the wound delivered by him, and this punishment shall be only one stroke of the sword to end [his] life. he should not be tortured before his death; his hands and feet should not be cut off, because i have heard the holy prophet saying, "do not cut off the hands and feet of anybody, be it a biting dog."'
- islam (shiite). nahjul balagha, letter 47

national review: 'relentlessly and thoroughly.' is the conflict today just an extension of the crusades? the history is quite accurate, the interpretation is, well, up for interpretation. i found the article worthy of a read.

usa today: where's dick cheney?

mac versiontracker: sql syntax highlighting for bbedit, alpha 7.5 beta 2, a-dock 2.6p1. i'm having a problem connecting, so try the main site and dig.

i had the honor of introducing some of my east coast friends to a full view of the milky way last night, and shooting stars. the night sky put on a performance for our guests, and they left speechless. it was a magical evening.

usa today: democrats spin economic debate. might work.

washington post: did bin laden 'buy' the taliban? didn't some press reports say we gave them more $ than this?

ads on public television?

nasa earth observatory: accumulated change courts ecosystem catastrophe.

bbc sci/tech: a pretty face makes your brain buzz. so what does 'a nice turn of ankle' do ...?

boston globe: making a case for art as an economic engine.


times of india: taliban hold up u.n. aid convoy, demand tax.

ny times: william safire, on everyday bravery. i would add that getting coldly angry is ok, but don't vent it on your fellow countrymen ...

ny times: coordinating the charities. they need to appoint an overseer of some kind.

ny times: bin laden uses honey selling as a cover?

ny times: third person in florida tests positive for anthrax.

international herald tribune: islamic conference accepts u.s. attacks.

reuters: strangely enough, those 'bert and bin laden' images are showing up in *demonstrations* in asia ...

reuters: online groceries set for 'growth explosion'? wasn't this tried out already, and didn't fly?

reuters: alaska pipeline spill costs expected to mount. hmmm ... thinking about the anwr.

reuters: wonderbra? wonderbum.

busy again today. let's see what i can cram in.