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sun 14 oct 01

two pics, one of the sandia tramway as it arrives at the top of sandia crest ... and one really bad reflection of yours truly, while waiting for the 'high finance' restaurant to start serving dinner. i was dying of hunger by this point, gnawing on the guard railings ... btw, i *never* wear baseball hats, but screaming out of the house without a shower required some remedial masking.

the sandia tramway, about to ... well .. dock?

yours truly, reflection in the window of the -high finance- restaurant at the top of sandia crest.

okay, here's what has been going on today. woke up this morning, stoked the old coffee urn, and turned on the television to see if the last day of the balloon festival was going to go off. turns out the overnight gusts had died down, and they were doing their mass ascension. so, no shower, hop into clothes, drive down as fast as possible to albuquerque. no breakfast, either. get to the fiesta grounds, and just missed the last couple of balloons taking off. rats. walked around a bit, moaning and groaning about the bad luck this year, coordinating with successful balloon launch days. then, remembered that r.e.i. was having a sale. got on the cell phone, dialed information, got the number, and found out that r.e.i. is having their last day of a *sale* today, ten to six. so, after screwing up the balloon launch today, went over to sit in the parking lot for about fifteen minutes before they opened. watched people arrive. everyone seems to dress in hiking boots and outdoor gear when they shop at an outdoor store. store opens, and then spent the next two hours buying a pile of stuff that *wasn't* on sale ... so i guess i've done my part for the economy. after the hole in my wallet, drove up to sandia crest, and did some hiking ... finally got something to eat (since that single cup of coffee in the morning) at the restaurant at the top of the sandia tramway ... except i walked there. stayed until almost dark, walked the two miles back to the parking lot, and then drove home. and here i am, corona in hand, quite nicely exhausted ... and not wanting to spend any more time on the computer. see you all tomorrow.

funny thing is, if i stay away from the silicon long enough, i really just don't want to come back.