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tue 16 oct 01

i would do some linking, but i'm three sheets to the wind ... and i'd probably end up writing something completely inane. i'm going off to enjoy my birthday ... see y'all tomorrow, bright and early as usual.

after my 'mama' comments yesterday, a fine reader sent along this pic through email.

happy birthday, robert. we seem to have quite a bit in common ...

the networking thing went as well as could be expected. the phone people used all the power outlets in the area where i have to set up a hub. the electricians didn't install dedicated power, nor surge supressors. and none of the necessary cable from the computers to the huge sony lcd has been 'fished' through yet. other than that, i got the computers working, and did a norton disk doctor ... and drank a lot of coffee and shot the breeze with the other cabinetmakers, a/v dudes, and hvac contractors. thrills.

mr. viewheart sent a lovely icard. thanks.

those of you who sent emails, i'll return as soon as i am able.

another friend sent me an e-card with a closeup of a cow, saying "happy birthday ... i made you a pie!" erm, well ... meadow muffins aren't exactly my cup of tea, but thanks anyway.

looks like andrea spilled the beans first, but this takes the cake. bottled farts, indeed.

6 p.m., back in da house. digging around, finding lots of happy birthday messages. thanks to everyone!

btw, the 'old fart' email was from my brother ... just wait till yours, bro ...

i will have no time to post today until very late in the day, if then ... so move along. my apologies, but $$ come before pleasure.

got a million and one things to do today. setting up a network for a client (my only consulting gig) at their new 8k square foot house.

checked my email this morning, and saw a note titled "old fart." know what that means?

i'm 42 today.

i'm still trying to cut a deal with the grim reaper so i can take about fifteen of those years off ...