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sat 20 oct 01

getting pounded by google searches again, this time for the return address on senator daschle's anthrax letter. guess i'm not the only armchair detective in the country ... (grin) ... problem is, the trenton post office, the ewing branch ... nowhere near kendall park. a good 20-30 miles away. a lot of central jerseyans to check out ... i wish the fbi the best in their search.

ny times: more terrorist attacks to come. american interests in western europe this time? israeli intelligence has been pretty good in the past ...

caption contest at blackholebrain! one of my contributions.

just as an aside, mozilla 0.9.5 with tabs rocks hard. great for zope.

global free press: ask those who work in abortion clinics about fear. which makes me wonder; where is the christian condemnation of terrorism within their own ranks? we have our own 'fundamentalists' to educate about civilized dissent, it would seem.

global free press: andrew sullivan's jihad.

bbc world: the u.n. may have unknowingly given money to bin laden.

linux.com: a beginners intro to network security.

ibm developerworks: writing dll's for linux apps.

of course, alwin has the scoop on the real statistical threat of anthrax ... a good bit of perspective, thanks.

ananova: 'anthrax this.'

yahoonews/reuters: traces of anthrax in the u.s. house.

wired: pentagon denies gps to the taliban. if you want to be fundamentalist, we take you at your word. we will deny you the benefits of modernity ... esp. when you do harm.

freshmeat: cgi::cache.

globe and mail: scram, jet.

globe and mail: ebay is profitable, growing ... and way too expensive.

new york review of books: when new york thinks about rebuilding, it should look to berlin.

san francisco chronicle: 'the friends of photography', started by ansel adams, will close at the end of october.

new statesman: surrealism as a way of life.

times of india has a club called, "dubyaman."

times of india: afghan opposition says 'there is no moderate taliban.'

times of india: 82% of afghans feel zahir can still 'play king.'

ny times op-ed: the inescapable world. something about this article, bugs me, but i can't put my finger on it.

ny times: bush winning gore backers' high praises.

ny times: sign me up! hiking from tub to tub in northern japan.

ny times: maybe another plane was to be hijacked that fateful morning?

reuters: anthrax is hard to detect, but easy to treat.

reuters: social security benefits to rise.

reuters: bush 'amazed' by shanghai. americans need to get out more ...

mostly sunny, high scud clouds today. lazy.