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mon 22 oct 01

congratulations on the bouncing baby at blivet ... !!

and that's thinner for posts than i'd like, but the best i can do this morning. off to do the last few errands, and then contemplate packing the van. see y'all later.

securityfocus: an overview of lids.

xmlhack: xml event model published.

bathrooms of antiparos: web information server, pybook.

ananova: u.s. economy to continue drop into new year?

maccentral: epson printer drivers for os x coming today.

cnet: mining cleans up. sorry folks, if there's money to drill, there'd best be money to clean up.

bbc: green light for swissair bailout.

the guardian: the solemn combines with the silly. looking at the charity concerts over the weekend. salon also takes a look. also, weren't some news sources last week mentioning the aid agencies had so much money they weren't sure what to do with it all?

linuxtoday: ibm engineers join samba team.

freshmeat: basic shopping basket library.

newsforge: richard stallman, say goodbye to the due process of law.

ny times op-ed: "the perfect time for a measured reassessment of the nation's energy strategy."

ny times op-ed: cutting off the funds for terror. hold fast to anti-money-laundering measures. don't let the bank special interests redirect this important aspect. if you want to talk patriotism, where is it in this context?

ny times: on the abm, bush and putin agree to agree. looks like we're getting an abm for christmas, folks.

international herald tribune: a silver lining for the economy. relying on our military-industrial complex to 'power' us through a recession doesn't inspire confidence, somehow.

national park entrance fees waived on veteran's day weekend. thanks, knick-knack!

signs on metafilter that the 'a-list' isn't relevant anymore. with so many new webloggers, who needs an a-list anyway ...

of course, i've got the digital camera with me, and the laptop. i may only post photoshop 'batch' galleries, but it's better than nothing, right?

i'll be posting a bit today, but tomorrow won't happen until late, probably. after that, we'll see what the hotels have. when camping later in the week, you'll have to go fish.

well, i haven't let the cat out of the bag yet, 'cause i was afraid of jinxing myself. dangerousmeta! will be on 'slow' mode, as i'm *finally* going on vacation starting today. off to vegas for a little 'civilization' (compared to santa fe, anyway), then a bit of camping (either valley of fire, bryce or grand canyon). got the van stuffed to the gills with stuff ... taking all my toys with me.