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wed 23 oct 01

quick update:

took off monday night at 7:15 pm, drove until 12:15 am (happily, found out that arizona doesn?t adhere to daylight savings time, so it was really 11:15). stayed the night in flagstaff, arizona at a nice cheap little econolodge. good beds, the usual ridiculously confusing shower controls (ouch! brrr! cold - no hot!).

got up early on tuesday, walked down to the cracker barrel and had a southern-style breakfast (yes, with grits). hopped in the car and drove to kingman, and then to las vegas. the drive from kingman to hoover dam seemed interminable. they drop the speed limit by 10, sometimes 20 mph. felt like I could walk faster than drive.

before you pass over hoover dam, an interesting circumstance. you must get checked over by the military. full web gear, m-16 at the ready. no RV's, no commercial vehicles.

checked into the hotel, and spent the rest of the day taking in the bellagio, paris, caesar's palace. Saw the early evening performance Cirque de Soleil's 'O'. words cannot describe the performance. it's simply breathtaking, outstanding, with that wonderful asymmetricity that only creative european thinking can engender. i can't explain it further than to say, if you're ever in town, MAKE THE TIME.

caught a fountain display outside the bellagio, had some late-night food at the boulangerie over in paris (in a sidewalk café, under a completely bogus painted sky) - then went back to the room to bed. just woke up, have to dump the pix off the camera, and go find breakfast. no in-room coffee makers or anything, and my brain is barely functional.

i'll check in later. maybe.