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wed 31 oct 01

as jeff says, "zzzzzzzz ...."

guardian.uk: apparently not all pilots are wild about 'strengthened' cockpit doors.

ananova: chupacabra in chihuahua!

ananova: did the cia meet with bin laden two months before terror attacks? read this one ... oh, yeah. wonder what dubai has to say?

reuters: how to tell anthrax from flu. no runny nose ...

reuters: pentagon confirms use of 'carpet bombing.' if you're a regular reader here, you'll remember i somewhat predicted this, and recalled it's use in dresden, germany in ww2. the firestorm killed more civilians than hiroshima or nagasaki; they'll never know how many because refugees were converging on dresden, fleeing the encroaching red army. *sigh* i point you to friends of dresden. after working with fine porcelain [in a previous occupation], i still consider prewar dresden porcelain to be a miracle. the prewar dresden would be on my imaginary top ten high culture cities to visit, no question about it.

reuters: a reversal, to the good. epa to reinstate arsenic limits in drinking water. as stated here when this issue hit the fan, i hope water companies look into filtering at the delivery point, rather than at the plant. it may save $$, and enhance health in other ways, too.

methyl, the cottonwoods are bright yellow now. i'll trot down to alameda tomorrow or friday and see if i can snap you a pic or two.


i think they stuffed his pants with a brillo pad, too. note the black hole/galaxy graphic in back ... i couldn't resist ... happy halloween, mike.

for mike, some blackholebrainbait ... i gave freako the proper bhb-salute:

who *is* this plebe standing behind me?

washington post: g.o.p. in narrow straits. can't agree with this, because i feel the republican 'idealogical narrowing' pales in comparison to the vacuum of idealogy in the democratic party at the present time. unless we have some strong democratic voices *and* ideas come forth, we'll lose ground in 2002.

political wire: karl rove pushed to periphery?

guardian.uk: "who slapped me on the bottom?" rembrandt, that's who.

and the 'happy' link for the evening ... u.s sees increased potential for nuclear attack. i guess it's time to pull down gibbon again for a re-read.

freshmeat: imapfilter, c scripting language [!], psunami bulletin board.

5:45 p.m., first trick-or-treater at the door. harry potter.

found a pumpkin, finally, on the way home.

back at the installation this afternoon. some random observations ... 1) sony 42" flat panels are loud. they whine. 2) dick nixon was walking down the block, looking very depressed, carrying a backpack. halloween's great. 3) bumper sticker on a new s.u.v.: "george w.: ignorant of his own ignorance."

global free press: dying for patents.

topxml: displaying xml data in pages.

for mac, a new beta 4 of the opera browser.

help net security: an introduction to logging. "yes, be paranoid, log everything you can."

computerworld: ibm roils linux waters. operating systems as commodities?

freshmeat: mysqldatamanagement.

the register: broadband by satellite gets a boost.

telegraph.uk: ghetto blasting. in vegas, i noticed some light hip-hop making its way into elevator music ...

santa fe new mexican: purchase of eagle nest lake in limbo. eagle nest lake is a beautiful big high mountain lake above angel fire, new mexico.

times of india: anxious or stoic, americans try to adjust to life. erm, not all of us are this panicky ... thank you very much. then again, maybe i'm just stupid ...

times of india: two truckloads of gold found in wtc ruins.

the new york times op-ed today is all worthy of a read. slide over and take a look.

ny times op-ed: the one eyed man. where's all that economic stimulus money going? i say again, where are our democrats?

ny times op-ed: the saudi-u.s. rift ... by alwaleed bin talalbin abdul aziz alsaud.

ny times: medical treatment should not await a diagnosis of anthrax. nasty little bug, this.

ny times: régine cavagnoud is in very bad shape. sounds like major brain trauma. my prayers are with you.

international herald tribune: stealth messages on the internet leave no outward evidence.

international herald tribune: journalist provocateur of italy finds new targets for her rage.

reuters: the beleaguered 'cookie'. given our headlong pursuit of a police state, whither the browser cookie?

reuters: scramjet test failed. if at first you don't succeed, try try again.

reuters: austria tests anthrax disinfection spray.

reuters: a new method for measuring wind chill.

when working, it's hard to drag me away from the computers. when playing, it's harder than that to drag me back.

it's hard climbing back on the horse.