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thu 01 nov 01

new york observer: a vast culture split. "faced with a choice ... reprimanding arguably their brightest star in years or alienating a woman who spends many of her shows in the company of a bald-pated schmaltzateer named dr. phil ... judgment was swift." what, or who, is 'dr. phil'?

global free press/toronto star: enough dumbing down the news!

freshmeat: smarty php template engine, apache::asp, bsdproxy.


the register: berners-lee slams ms browser tactics.

lwn.net: python-url!

reuters: auto sales hit a record pace, thanks to interest-free financing. theory: lower the mortgage rates, house sales will go up similarly. are you listening, banks? later: hey, computer makers are on the bandwagon too!

reuters: the stock market sure likes the news about microsoft.

cnn: i think i'll have to see 'amelie' ...

my, how boring programming is compared to wandering around grand canyon! (get over it, chump.)

and, to make my day even more pleasant, i've got some dimwit calling on the work line ... who waits for me to say 'hello', and hangs up on me. that was #8.

now that cold weather has arrived, i find my right hand 'mousing' finger is quite sore in the major joints. it's bothering me enough to consider a switch of pointing devices, though i disdain most options (trackballs, touchpads and the like). has anyone else had this, and what did you do to fix it (other than bathing in aspercreme)? annoying, this.

reuters: new mexico's having some issues with a scheduled execution. it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

reuters: u.s. general uncertain about afghan opposition. ee-yuck. 'trying to find common ground' with our supposed allies?

reuters: microsoft settlement nears. watch the 18 state attorney generals, then dig around and see what microsoft may have done in their spheres of influence ...

bbc: hermitage jewels on show.

freshmeat: new version of webmin.

webmonkey: wysiwyg html editor shootout 2001.

bbc sci/tech: wine tasting, a load of old plonk? what, they couldn't tell the diff between a red wine and a *dyed* white?

cnet: next digital battle, ring tones. setting up the network over in that new construction home, each worker has his own cell phone. there isn't a three minute period of just construction noise ... one is constantly bombarded with jarring cellphone ring music. personally, i hate the invasion of my eardrums ...

ibm developerworks: tcp/ip and how it works.

mac nn: ny times launches a windows-only service.

linuxworld: protecting your network with snort.

the register: netcraft webserver survey, october 2001. quick glance: zope stands at 5647 servers, userland at 724 servers. more info.

epiware, collaboration tool.

slashdot: is slackware fading away?

santa fe new mexican: faa ban grounds los alamos flights.

times of india: murdoch apologizes to amanpour for slur. slang incites, but never informs ... so why use it in journalism?

times of india: pakistan continues to arm taliban.

ny times: need to get away? quiet havens in a blue sea.

ny times: régine cavagnoud dies. godspeed, my dear.

ny times: rising muslim power in africa causes unrest. hmmm. "...while islam embraces the poor, they add, christian churches are more interested in making money ..."

ny times: justice department says three detainees may be linked to hijackings.

international herald tribune: artist realizes leonardo's dream bridge.

international herald tribune: economic impasse is paralysing europe.

cnn: cdc releases draft of public health law.

betcha a nickel someone mentions it's a binary day again today.