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tue 06 nov 01

chronicle of higher ed: ivory tower of tearlessness. the visceral reaction over the coldly logical one.

times of india: the big, bad b-52. smaller than your average passenger jet, though.

times of india: pakistan, an american colony? but didn't you folks pay attention? read my lips ... no empire-building.

but someday, after my first mill, i want one of these. guaranteed to make you happy every time you see it, but guaranteed to make you groan every time you drive it ... why do englishmen drink warm beer? because they have lucas refrigerators ...

i counter cam's ford pinto link with chevette, chevette, chevette [click the bowtie] and 'worst car of the millenium' nominations. actually, i was looking for a really trashy chevy vega link, but couldn't find a good one. steel piston sleeves in an aluminum engine block, anyone?

ananova: one nude suit please, and hold the kneepads. opportunity for 3d avatar, i believe.

which reminds me ... anyone see the auroras last night? we had major ejecta from the sun a couple of days ago. a good friend in wisconsin said it was intense up there. it may continue tonight. keep yo' eyes on da skies, darlin' ...

reuters: sunspots act like planet-sized hurricanes.

reuters: archaeologists unearth tomb of ancient egyptian physician.

reuters: what? hell must have frozen over. bush administration gives the nod for senate effort to bolster americorps. you mean, you admit bill clinton did *something* right?

reuters: fbi gives grim assessment of anthrax probe. and the mayor of boca raton gets more info from the national enquirer than federal authorities.

in reference to the bbedit 6.5/screen redraw problem yesterday, cam sent a couple of fixes. the pram zap did the trick. thank you, bert!

as smee said, "i think i've just had an apostrophe."

personal take on the oprah winfrey/jonathan franzen flap ... i tend to overlook 'oprah's picks' in the bookstore. why? i guess i'm a little embarrassed to be picking up books endorsed by a talk show host. maybe i'm wrong. but i still don't do it. i guess dr. phil might have a comment about my motivations, mightn't he?

moby lives: who killed lingua franca?

bbc sci/tech: evolution on the hoof. and global warming is the cause.

freshmeat: fase4 php rdf parser.

santa fe new mexican: a warm winter this year. extending my hiking dates to high altitude, this.

when bioterror first struck the capitol. i seem to remember in europe some creative adversary catapulting plague-ridden corpses over castle walls ...

international herald tribune: loner theory offered in bioterror attacks.

amazing what you'll find at wood s lot. sam glucksberg. he was my neighbor. his kids, matthew, ken and nadia were my playmates. small world! he's gotten a bit older than the man i remember with black hair, black beard, riding a raleigh with baskets on the back to the princeton u. psych building ...

i'm still having a crush work situation, if you were wondering about the lack of linkage. sorry.

cnn: trinity church reopens. the graveyard was one of my favorite strolling places whilst working in the financial district. reading tombstones, thinking about the history, sitting under cool shade trees. lunch with alexander hamilton.

there are blue-haired old ladies in my piñon trees this morning. i thought it was late to be picking pine nuts ... but apparently not. i got up, went to the refrigerator to get some o.j., and looked out the window ... i see curly blue heads bobbing in my trees. what a way to wake up.