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wed 07 nov 01

there's a fallacy somewhere, in the concept that advanced technology helps create advanced people. where's our modern-day improvement on thomas jefferson?

national integrity, the enemy of corruption, collusion and nepotism: a transparency international perspective. not associated with our current conflict, but there are some very important ideas here, ideas that we americans seem to have forgotten.

reuters: robotic caterpillar designed to 'wriggle through debris.' personally, i think this is a *brilliant* idea.

reuters: don't fly. the earth will thank you. aircraft could, but don't, have catalytic converters. don't mention that near boeing or any commercial air carrier. also, few if any have *mufflers* ...

reuters: if you needed a little less worry this week, researchers have lowered the odds of an asteroid hitting the earth and wiping out civilization.

reuters: if you use NSAIDs, you cut your risk of alzheimer's.

webmasterbase: transform your php with xslt.

bbc: .info and .biz 'taking off.' ha ain't seen one o' dem thangs around heyah yet ...

took a walk as the sun was setting; walked a little too far. misjudged how fast it would get dark. luckily, it was along the rail trail, so i could follow the railroad tracks back in the dark.

serverwatch: turbolinux 7 server.

the register: ibm monster hard drives.

linuxhardware.org: power supplies.

just in case you wondered: the reason 'real men' have a copy of 'the road warrior' in the house ... australian fords, and mel's car having a supercharger with a clutch mounted on the shifter. who cares about plot? hey, tim, you've got that old nova ... how much is a supercharger ... ? extra points if you have 'the humongous' action figure ...

time to celebrate. just had a client pay his bill after being overdue for two years and three months. a long wait, but here's a toast to integrity!

only because i love beautiful, mechanically corrupt cars ... the fiat x1/9 page, opel gt, and chevy corvair. time was, when i wanted to get an old corvair and shove a chevy small block v8 into it, with a toronado automatic hooked up backwards ... there used to be an outfit called 'mid-t engineering' which used to have kits, if i remember correctly.

from the referrer logs: flash skeleton.

enough! i've got production to finish ... what the blankity-blank am i thinking?

the register: burning cpu's, crispy ati features. complete and total fun.

cnet: amazon reveals international internet shopping habits.

xmlhack: open source xslt standard library.

linux planet: the settlement sucks.

newsforge: solve iis security problems ... hide them behind apache.

discover: all hail hydrogen, energy source of the future.

patti discusses learning to drive. reminds me of learning to drive with my dad ... a tortuous experience, that. and the fact we had a 21' foot '73 buick estate wagon that i had to park in 25' spaces. the darned thing was *wide* too. we had this strange driveway that curved around a huge old maple tree. as i was trying to pull in, dad yelled "over to the left" and shoved the steering wheel ... the next few seconds were a blur, but i stopped the car in a fence, after scraping the entire right side. dad then ordered me out of the car, pulled it out of the fence, and drove it to the garage. in his usual one-hand style, he pulled a left turn to get in the garage ... but he misjudged and hit the swing-out garage door lengthways, splitting the garage from roof to floor. i was horrified. but i remember my mother was so tickled she couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the day. i figured i'd best look into horse riding lessons ...

washington post: 'global thinker.' thinking about tribalism vs. global capitalism.

la times: pbs downsizing.

guardian.uk: two former vatican monsignors get caught trying to sell possible art fakes to american museums.

santa fe new mexican: terry clark executed. first execution in new mexico in 42 years. clark, while on bond for the rape of a 6 year old, raped a 9 year old and shot her three times in the head. no remorse. come to your own conclusions about whether justice was served.

times of india: harvard professor makes a hip-hop cd.

times of india: sting rode the first concorde back to new york.

times of india: here's a live wire. the bbc claims america backed off on investigating the activities of bin laden. apparently our president made his first million via a company owned by osama's older brother. either it's a really small world, or there are a lot of coincidences out there.

ny times books: a tour of paris restaurants, recipe by recipe.

ny times: federal appeals court reverses approval of taxol generic. *sigh* how much did bristol-myers squibb spend in campaign contributions? guess it's time to look.

ny times: u.s. acts to stop assisted suicides. assisted suicide is an option that needs to be left open. this is clearly a 'bone' for the right wing, to keep them malleable.

ny times: germany girds for war ... with reservations.

reuters: u.n. report, population and environmental change. i certainly don't think any deity intended us to procreate ourselves into extinction.

reuters: democrats pick up 2 governorships.

cnn: the aurora. rats, i should have been out *monday* night. well, we're still in an active sunspot cycle, so there should be other opportunities ...

it looks like i'm slammed with work all this week ... how that will affect postings, i don't know. but just be wary.

since the clocks set back an hour, i guess i'll try to shift my working hours a little bit, to take advantage of the early morning sun. i *need* those rays ...