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sat 10 nov 01

santa fe new mexican: picuris pueblo vs. mica mine.

reuters poll: most american jews back creation of a palestinian state.

global free press: profits and people.

guardian.uk: freedom to remember, john mortimer. i'm assuming the author of 'rumpole' ...

bbc sci-tech: 'mini' ozone hole heading for europe.

o'reilly: wireless webcam.

freshmeat: ruby interpreter in java.

cnet: covalent to release its version of apache 2.0 on monday.

it's guinness's porter that has me this way
for it's sweeter than buttermilk and stronger than tea
but when in the morning i feel kind of rough
me cursin' lord i be who brews the damned stuff
drink it up men, it's long after ten

moses supposes his toeses are roses ...

times of india: anthrax suspect likely to be american.

times of india: u.s tightens visa procedures for muslims.

ny times op-ed: disappearing in america. civil liberties, that is.

okay, don't yell at me. the bible, translated into pig latin.

ny times books: alexander hamilton, the 'un-jefferson.' what never comes through, often, is how diminutive by modern standards these men were (excepting jefferson). there's a revolutionary war english barrack in princeton, the doors are significantly under 6' tall.

ny times: islam experts on a wild ride, willing or not.

ny times: 165 nations move approve kyoto.

ny times: iran's leader rejects bin laden.

reuters: return of the codpiece? "bulge" jeans will hit the mainstream. what's happened to 'truth in advertising' ... ?

reuters: ken kesey has passed on. "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" gets heavy use in american high schools.

cnn: holy cow! anthrax at the princeton post office in palmer square.

getting my ears lowered in a little bit.

sun, sun, sun this morning. the neighbors are building a garage; i have to check property lines ...