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sun 11 nov 01

i smell the spin machines for both parties gearing up for this baby ... you won't know which way is up by the end of the day tomorrow.

in a perfect world, al gore should have won. the recount *should* have been thorough and statewide, done immediately after the initial tabulations were in; i think we all thought that was feasible and proper at the time - be you conservative or democrat. then the complications: chads, antiquated voting systems ... and the lawyers, politicos and pundits stepped in. but the new york times argues that with the 'standards' used in each county [tag-team ballot validation], bush would have theoretically won a statewide recount done *at the time.* too much theory for me. it's nice to tell us that 'voting systems are being made more reliable and accurate', but when you feel you been robbed, it doesn't help ...

smartwool t-shirts. much better than cotton, for hiking purposes at least ...

what is shibumi?

another 'end of the internet' page.

memecentral.com. and, the church of virus.

eric soroos celebrated two years of wiredfool yesterday, one of the first manila sites outside the userland 'cloud' of the period. btw, i liked that halloween outfit, eric ...

okay, how many of you mac-heads still play scarab of ra? fess up.

changed over my quotes. nothing was really hitting home today, and that's reflected in the choices.

i understand how you feel, craig. we knew, last november, this was going to be a hard four years. we just didn't know *how* hard. one has to focus on the things we *can* preserve, what's realistically within our sphere of influence.

salon posts bill clinton's speech to georgetown in its entirety. conservatives, read the entire thing before condemnation. as a point of fact, this speech did remind me of the 'nuclear weapon' drills we had to perform when i was in kindergarten and first grade (early 60's).

'marketing' seems to come down to a personal definition. mine? convincing people (by whatever means necessary) to purchase things they don't necessarily need. or sometimes, things they don't even want.

boston globe: franzen not alone in 'oprah' dilemma. i guess we're beyond the point where a novel can succeed based on its worthiness ... only by 'marketing' can one expect the sales numbers required for continued support?

atlanta journal-constitution: say goodbye to the remainder of afghanistan's art?

times of india: two retired nuclear scientists admit to meeting bin laden. "... in connection with the construction of a flour mill, according to a pakistani official ..." mmm-hmmm. any 'engineer' is better than no engineer ... but two? it's quite interesting, no?

times of india: mazar-i-sharif celebrates end of taliban rulership. "women flocked to markets freed of the obligation to wear burqa dresses." we in america need to see this; where's the video, the photographs?

ny times: why the trade towers stood, then fell.

ny times: "lawyer math." putting a dollar figure on estimated pain/time and nature of death (crush, fall, pulverize). and, unspoken here, the lawyers make 20-50% of the take, usually ... right?

along those lines, from the times of india: bin laden 'indirectly' owns up to september 11 attacks.

ny times op-ed: why are we hiding bin laden? i should point this out ... just his last statement garnered a wide variation in translations across the various news sources. 'he admits', 'he hints', 'he dances around', no, 'he threatens' is the one that's won, 24/48 hours later. it puts me in mind to seek out arabic-speaking friends, so i can find out what he's *really* saying ...

ny times op-ed: another useful crisis. do you believe corporations deserve retroactive tax cuts, to the tune of 200-some billion dollars? what about *us*? read, and respond to your congresspeople.

ny times: "the bondswoman's narrative."

reuters: carbon dioxide emissions jump 3.1 percent last year. we don't have the national will, or capability, to comply with kyoto. note where the increases *come* from, at the expense of renewables.

the first gas attack.

in flanders fields.

from a link i posted over a year ago, about flander's fields: the heritage of the great war. you could spend the entire afternoon reading through this site.

metafilter: what a sad statement about the level of historical and cultural knowledge amongst webloggers. quite depressing. i shudder for those who lost their lives in world war one.

antipixel: appreciate mount fuji with a nice cup of coffee.

the last binary day for a while, right?