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mon 12 nov 01

great name for a weblog. check it out.

reuters: northern alliance fighters enter kabul. "we are chasing the taliban to the west." hmmm. wonder what welcome they'll get at pak's border ...

pew internet and american life project.

ny times: our 'allies' celebrate their victory.

columbia journalism review: linking and the law.

economist.uk: who should lead afghanistan, after the taliban? also, of interest: increase in armed crime in china.

chronicle of higher ed: some college libraries using starbucks to attract students.

from nov. 7 yahoonews: "what if gore were president now?"

artnews: how can you think of making art at a time like this?

walt whitman, on women. and, dangers for america.

yahoonews/reuters: oil prices fall.

ananova: grizzlies are going to sleep a month earlier than normal. this sets up a quandary; this usually indicates a heavy snow winter, whereas climatologists have predicted a warm, dry winter ...

okay, am i the only person around here who wastes three or four hours a week dealing with bad online account processing, poor customer service and bogus credit card charges? a sample from this morning: a domain name renewal that verisign didn't process, mistakenly-charged broadband from earthlink (for the third time), bogus charges from qwest. what a waste of time. i fully expect i'll be doing this again in a couple of days ...

reuters: harry potter and coca-cola.

reuters: market begins to bounce back after morning panic.

times of india: bravado from the taliban. "... we do not force anybody to fight for us when we are already sending volunteers back to their homes."

times of india: "it's looking like it's not a terrorist attack." also, from the irish times, 'terror ruled out by f.a.a.'

some thoughts on clint eastwood and heidegger. via arts & letters.

ny times: watching the writer write.

andante: the challenges of atonal music.

tom's hardware: overclocking an athlon xp.

freshmeat: avalon, qmail the easy way (frequent updates, this), hotsheet [rss newsreader].

rss monkey. if you haven't seen it.

bbc: can computers be creative?

bbc sci/tech: a vaccination for one type of leukaemia?

infoworld: who controls your biz?

newsforge: microsoft sales people advised to attack linux.

and, also, "design websites for 23 million migraine sufferers."

digging around, looking for something else, i found this: is the effect of word processing on quality of writing fact or illusion? instructors seem to grade a perceived 'word processed' paper more highly than a handwritten page, or typed page.

i can't reach some of my normal news sites due to the panic over the plane crash. more comprehensive linkage once the bloom is off the rose ...

ny times: what will the world be like, without chiquita bananas?

ny times: oil drilling in arctic called a departure from past policy.

other news sites are being slammed.

important note: i think regular readers here know i go out of my way to correct inaccuracies, either in opinion or reporting, without prejudice. all you have to do is ask.

cnn: air crash in new york. as i said previously, fatal air crashes will happen about once a week. there's no need to panic. the fact that the plane is an airbus (fly-by-wire), and that they may have lost an engine, extends my suspicion of the airbus concept. i prefer physical linkages to the control surfaces, thank you very much. later:a reader, rather insultingly, points out that i've mistaken an a300 for an a320, and misinterprets my posting, as well. the a300 is *not* fly-by-wire; i am mistaken. here's some further information about airbus fly-by-wire, to explain my earlier suspicions. who knows how a computer would react to a dropped engine, unless it had been specifically programmed for?

lake effect. today. read.

up 'n' at 'em ...