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tue 13 nov 01

just another one of those randomly surfin' kind of evenings.


www.sanjuanhuts.com. i gotta do this.

eyewitness, aboard a slave ship 1829.

uncle jim's worm farm.

hopping freight trains ain't what it used to be ...

versailles hall of mirrors.

al hannah islamic clothing.

men and wigs.

lunchmeat web page backgrounds.

pogo stick facts and world records.

the british steam car challenge.

coyote and the another one.

know anyone with macular degeneration? my grandmother's almost gone blind with it. but i just ran across this today: videoeyecorp.com. basically a videocamera on an extendable arm, with easy to use controls. enlarges text and other things onto a video monitor. i plan to experiment [with my videocamera on a tripod] on my dear grandmama when i visit austin this thanksgiving holiday. it breaks my heart to see her unable to read ...

ananova: norwegian composer making music using ... wait for it ... sounds recorded at a sewage treatment plant. i guess violins and pianos must get boring ...?

santa fe new mexican: four new york artists took the santa fe institute up on its 'emergency residency' program.

irish times: selling harry potter. if you're at all curious about the merchandising of this little film ...

reuters: zocor beats antioxidants at preventing heart attacks.

well, remember what i said about walmart back a while ago. from reuters: "walmart, home depot and j.c. penney profits up." in a slackening economy, the average citizen begins to hit the lower echelon stores. when walmart, home depot and j.c. penney post losses, then i'll start to batten down the hatches (economically speaking). walmart and home depot have near-instantaneous inventory information ... i'd be interested to see what people are purchasing right now. though, the fact that people are buying at home depot means they still feel confident enough to improve their living conditions (for those overseas readers, home depot is a building supply warehouse).

i'm noticing more differentiation between 'arab' and 'afghan' in news reports. see if you detect it as well. also, chechens, tajiks, pashtuns, etc. a lot of specific human taxonomy going on.

times of india: afghan opposition has no plans to govern.

times of india: mullah omar heading for pakistan?

times of india: asian 'mafia' peddling nuclear weapons for 10 to 20 million.

i can't tell you how much design inspiration i get from what gmtplus9 finds ... if you're a designer, make it a daily stop. i had gotten lax about stopping by, but it's in my daily rotation again now.

just some random thoughts. pay no attention to the man behind the blog ...

moral consistency is not moral wisdom. if you call every incident a terrorist act, you'll eventually be right ... in the same way a broken clock is right twice a day.

don't squander your passion on the passionless.

never confuse the worth of your argument with your self-worth.

opera six beta for windows.

slammed with work again. thin linkage today, if any.