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wed 14 nov 01

bbc: fox hunting to resume, after hoof & mouth.

bbc: bush entertaining putin in crawford, texas. longhorns, fireants. gawd. if it were the hill country, i could understand ... but crawford?

courtesy my referer logs ... hey, don't look at me. my readers are as eclectic as i ...

channelseven: rich media for the holidays. gentlefolk, start your spam filters ...

bbc sci/tech: why brazil nuts rise to the top.

senseboard. a 'keyboard replacement' that senses your fingers in space.

that's 'butcha gotta,' as opposed to 'gutta percha' ...

osopinion: motorola g5, just the facts and a little speculation.

cnet: voicestream launches new, faster network. butcha gotta buy a new phone ...

infosync: meet yopy.

ananova: ball-shaped 'battle droid', rolls around and shoots things. can you imagine a phalanx of these things in afghanistan? good grief ...

ananova: charities halt convoys at afghan border, due to 'lawlessness' and looting.

reuters: ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day ...

yahoonews: the red cross decides to 'do the right thing.'

cnn: strom thurmond moves into hospital. there's a time to slow down, and there's a time to quit. all party politics aside.

the register: wayback machine restores 'ye olde web.'

macnn: netscape 4.79. i linked this last week, i believe, but i spaced out on it and linked it again today. apologies.

byte: freebsd vs. linux revisited.

linuxgazette: build a pdf service with samba.

webreference: create living documents with xml events.

xmlhack: the xml:db initiative reference implementation released.

cnet: moore's law, microprocessors, and heat. here's a whacked idea ... in the future 'computerized home', the microprocessor serves two purposes ... computing and heating. if it glows, stick it under a fireplace mantlepiece ...

bbc sci/tech: when birds ate horses.

bbc: opec's new tactic to boost oil prices.

zope: sql forms.

freshmeat: skyrix web app system, apache 2.0.28 beta.

the register: mac os x 10.1.1.

a penny per page to surf the net?

gadfly: day in the life of a paris cafe.

beliefnet: alan dershowitz on 'why be a good person'.

calendar live: all the news that's fit to flaunt.

village voice: resisting rockwell at the guggenheim. "loving rockwell is shunning complexity. embracing him uncritically is the aesthetic equivalent of casual friday."

santa fe new mexican: the last dairy in northern new mexico shuts down.

times of india: and how do the northern alliance and pakistan play together? good question.

times of india: afghan women hope to lift veil of taliban oppression.

times of india: northern alliance forces take kandahar.

ny times: the u.s. nuclear arsenal, treaties and non-treaties.

ny times: amarillo, texas ... where warheads are made, and where they may retire.

international herald tribune: fall of kabul not good news to pashtuns.

reuters: time spent instant messaging doubles in the work place. and does productivity double as well ... ?

reuters: prayer, parody and news drive record web use.

reuters: europe's looking at browser cookies ...

dig an inch in europe, and you'll be surprised by history ...

i see they're talking about 'wake turbulence' now in association with the crash in new york. here's the aviation safety network's page on wake turbulence and vortex. the reuters article mentions composites. given my experience with sudden, catastrophic failure of composite materials in brand new racing and mountain bike frames, i have to wonder. how old was this plane? but then, it's just armchair theorizing.

unbelievable. a completely cloudy morning here in santa fe. low, grey sheet-type clouds, the kind you just don't get very often here.