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fri 16 nov 01

dave's wonderful world of yo-yo's.

shapes of things, lyric.

but i do love the macaulay quote: "the tottering garrets which overhung the streets of rome." replace 'rome' with 'santa fe', and you might just have something ...

to join in the 'ego-ogling', i've become the #1 'garret', however briefly. dictionary.com's definition of 'garret' is more interesting ... didn't realize my name was of germanic origin. but thesaurus.com isn't much help ...

i was going to link to the article about dudley moore receiving a medal from prince charles, but with the pictures they chose, it feels too exploitative. he's quite ill, and deserves his privacy. dud, i was never a fan, but i wish you the best.


ananova: the cast of a giant meat eating crocodile is being put on display, 110 million years after in last swam in an african river. too bad it didn't last long enough to spare us from the current 'survivor' series ...

y'know, it's funny. i'd forgotten diane sawyer worked for nixon. safire and buchanan too. i'm not implying conspiracy or anything ... i just find it quite interesting, this nixon legacy.

i've since found out the 'buzz' the flat panel makes is a high-altitude anomaly, apparently. live at 7500' like we do, your flat panel will sing to you ...

btw, for those of you interested, the 50' db-15 svga cable from mac g3 to sony 42" flat panel worked beautifully. well-shielded cable, no interference from power or digital phone lines.

at the job site where i was working, i kept watching the sangre de cristos. wrapped in cotton-clouds, with what looked like light snow or rain falling. i waited for them to clear. every once in a while, you could catch a glimpse of a golden shaft of light striping a mountainside ... but obscured enough so you just couldn't make out if snow had fallen. the clouds flirted with me all day ... then, when driving home, with the sun setting ... i saw beams of light through the precipitation, and then suddenly, blindingly, a brilliant wide rainbow. widest i've ever seen ... must've been a mile thick ... very short (ground to clouds), but you could see the entire spectrum ... so beautiful, sharp, it was too much to look at. such perfection is beyond mortal appreciation.

web techniques: smooth development with zope page templates.

guardian.uk: scorched earth legacy of the taliban.

maccentral: itunes 2.02.

bbc: celebrating digital art.

slashdot: web services, more secure or less?

economist.uk: election correction. via mefi

srf.stn. what's that smell? k10k?

logoed ... logo inspiration.

how editorial: starting your own studio: things they don't teach you in design school. i would add "have a weblog" to this list. really. for many reasons. but don't let it cut into profitability! hard line to tread. pot calling the kettle black, in other words ...

sunday times.uk: working moms vs. working women. are the 'perks' unfair? i've heard this complaint from many single and married women without children lately.

csmonitor: americans look to brit news sources for 'the scoop.' with journalism widely sensationalized, the word 'scoop' always makes me think of something else ... a verb of action, actually.

bbc: tolkein items up on the auction block.

inside the real lisa has been making me smile lately ... and i appreciate that, after having six hours of sleep over the last three days ...

follow me here is two years old ... funny. eliot looks older in pictures ...

some of the ny times op-eds are really on today. concerning military justice, i have to compare to my own history. my late father's experiences, when assigned to handling court martials on samoa in world war two, prompted him to become an attorney after the war was over. he used to comment, "in the military, you're guilty until proven innocent."

ny times: next time, when on a long trip, try roadside geology.

times of india: no demonstrations at G20 in ottowa.

times of india: u.s. will not destroy anthrax stocks.

just as an aside, there's a link somewhere in my bookmarks about how mechanization may have contributed to the high 30's unemployment rates. people being replaced by machines. i'll post it when i find it.

reuters: industrial output drops again. yes, we've had consistent *small* declines. to compare, in 1932 industrial output dropped *54%*, with 25-30% unemployment. here's a trend graph, in pdf. this isn't 1932, folks ... not even close.

reuters: webmd and eli lilly team up to offer ... wait for it ... free prozac for 'depressed consumers.' note, prozac's lost 80 percent market share since generic fluoxetine has become available. i would make the obligatory 'prozac pez' comment, but then, i already have ... (grin) ...

reuters: worldwide market for servers shrank 23 percent. compared to last year, that is.

reuters: another anthrax letter? note, postmarked october 9, trenton. not 'new', just 'newly discovered.'

i got an email from a couple of you who seem to really enjoy when i take an evening, and do some random googling. google is a dangerous tool for an incessantly curious mind, i have to tell you. i will continue, but probably only for as long as the dark winter evenings keep me out of outdoor pursuits ...

apache xml-rpc.

harpers: a gaza diary. this was recommended to me as an extremely important read, for those interested in the palestine/israel situation.

i have to thank you, readers. on a day when i'm gone, many of you chose to grab links you believe are important, and drop an email to me. i really appreciate it ...

cnn: ordering inspections of airbus a-300's. c'mon guy, save more lives. order an increased inspection frequency for all airplanes using composite materials. i'm not intending to cast aspersions on composites, just their inspection intervals.

trying to discover what today's news is. special forces on *horseback*? good lord. where's clint and the duke?

congrats, martin. you be famous!

4:47 p.m., and i'm back.

i'm out on the road today. postings may come later this afternoon.