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tue 20 nov 01

then again, from all the austin news about rain i've been hearing, a kayak might be in order.

i'm on the road to austin, texas tomorrow for the holidays. looking forward to 'blowing this popsicle stand.' i love santa fe, but after an intense period of work, i can use a break. so you won't see any postings here tomorrow; we'll see what i have time for down in 'bush country' ... [craig's gonna shoot me for that comment] ...

well, it's 10 p.m. debugging took a bit longer than anticipated.

overtime dreams.

pillow. soft, fluffy. sheets ... cool, crisp ...

it's four thirty now. i think, if i'm diligent, in about two hours i can call it quits for the thanksgiving holiday. and after the last few days, i'm going to be saying a *lot* of thanks ...

congratulations, andrea. celebrate!

need for the work to stop. just for eight hours. please?

need sleep.