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mon 26 nov 01

congrats, hal. dance, sing, celebrate this time. i highly recommend a good howl at the moon ...

telegraph.uk: the taliban's 'room of pain' for women. and, to counter, arm the afghan women.

ananova: german doctors say new operation stops snoring. also, silver clothes for eczema.

ananova: world's first xmas card sold at auction.

ananova: anti-landmine boots. i assume you're thinking the same thing i'm thinking ... 'what about the anti-landmine jockstrap?'

ananova: dna will be used to identify osama bin laden. dead or alive.

cs monitor: christmas markets in germany. specifically, heidelberg. i'm one of those nuts who likes frosty outdoor marketplaces done up for xmas with lights and shops, street vendors and good food ...

santa fe new mexican: cayenne pepper, modified.

yahoonews/reuters: ashcroft won't release names of detainees.

pocketnow: review of toshiba pocket pc e570. 206 mhz strongarm.

slashdot: linux-based audiophile cd-archiving system.

just an observation: gas prices in santa fe are at $1.48 for premium. austin? $1.10.

reuters: ah, yes. the basic utilitarian landing craft. looks just like the world war two models. godspeed, guys, and take your dramamine ...

oooh. 0.9.6 has expanding tabs. different. something's different in the css cascading, too ... can't put my finger on it. gotta dig when i have time. yep. wow. metafilter looks much different in 0.9.6 ... line-height? hmmm.

one more, mark twain: "each man must for himself alone decide what is right and what is wrong, which course is patriotic and which isn't. you cannot shirk this and be a man."

just some random quotes on the subject of civil liberties ...

"we the people are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts - not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the constitution."
abraham lincoln

"a wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits."
thomas jefferson

"in a republic we must learn to combine intensity of conviction with a broad tolerance of difference of conviction. wide differences of opinion in matters of religious, political and social belief must exist if conscience and intellect alike are not to be stunted."
theodore roosevelt, speech at the sorbonne, 1910

i see i have to trot over to mozilla.org and get the 0.9.6 build ...

global free press/la times: what's left? a new life for progressivism.

bbc sci/tech: a new genus and species of conifer in vietnam.

cnet: corporate venture-capital shakeout underway.

phpbuilder: dynamic generation of static webpages.

linuxworld: which journaling filesystem is right for you?

wired: watch out for the badtrans worm. a client of mine already got it.

kerneltrap: interview with openbsd creator, theo de raadt.

the register: galeon zips while mozilla slips.

slashdot: fast alpha blending in your gui.

indyweek: a durham student gets visited by the 'thought police.' via yesterday's mefi. good lord.

the globe and mail: we are critics; hear us roar.

new scientist: 'atomic airbrush' may restore damaged monet.

guardian.uk: a criminal record. or wait ... maybe that should be 'criminal cd' ...

times of india: first post-taliban newspaper hits streets of kabul; with unveiled women on the cover.

times of india: afghan opposition says bin laden and mullah omar are 'contained' in kandahar.

times of india: u.s. marines take over kandahar airport, and another landing strip somewhere in southern afghanistan.

times of india: nepal declares state of emergency after maoist attacks.

ny times op-ed: a hunger emergency in new york. a million people are hitting soup kitchens in manhattan.

ny times op-ed: justice, 200 years later. the cayuga indians win a long-deserved, but hollow, victory. now i look to the black hills ...

ny times op-ed: safire blasts military tribunals. ever notice that every republican pundit enjoys the opportunity to blast f.d.r.?

ny times books: edward teller and the bomb. revisionist history by one who lived it.

ny times: politicians and 'churchmen' slam cloning. how 'bout a calm and reasoned approach? when animal cloning is a repeatable, accurate system ... then visit human cloning. from what i understand, yesterday's 'breakthrough' had a very low statistic for success, and was really just a 'proof of concept.'

ny times: the amazing, disappearing vice president.

reuters: ashcroft to go on the congressional grill. leahy's talking big, but does he have the cojones to follow through?

reuters: garth brooks tops britney spears in record sales. the breadbasket of america speaks?

reuters: it's 'official' now [as if we didn't know], we are ... and have been ... in a recession. fascinating to see stocks fall on semantics ... joking, just joking.

reuters: pope apologizes to victims of clergy sex abuse.

reuters: strong christmas-season start for e-commerce stores.

reuters: british internet users more 'social' than non-users.

maybe, just maybe, i'll have time to deliver all these pictures i've been promising for the last four weeks. well, anyway ... on to linkage.

the drive back yesterday was uneventful. twelve hours is a long time to sit, however. we hit some stiff winds once passing sonora, texas, and they continued until arriving home ... making the drive more punishing than it had to be. upon arrival, i see we had a dusting of snow ... crammed in the wild grasses in the front yard. and it's cold. austin was seasonal, and you could just about cheat and wear a t-shirt. no go up here. full-on winter jacket mode, folks. it's winter here.

oh, my god. i just looked at the pics on booknotes. gotta do something about the hair; i look like a kewpie doll ...