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fri 30 nov 01

a couple of emails tell me my 'krauthammer' link below was poorly written. that article was a lever that got me thinking about other things, things relating to soviet military capabilities during the cold war. it was too easy to misinterpret my following statements. my mind was elsewhere. sorry. tim, you can breathe easier now. i've not gone oliver north on you ...

reuters: senator hatch, wanting more information about the microsoft settlement. hatch asks "... how the settlement will, 'terminate the monopoly microsoft was found by the appellate court to have unlawfully maintained' ..." can't wait to hear the answers.

aw, too cool. the sheriff's department is running the same speed trap again outside my driveway. catch 'em when they think the odds are low ...

zope: sql forms.

newstobuy has an interesting product/business model.

"the first rule of intelligent tinkering is to save all the pieces."
- aldo leopold.

applied semantics auto-categorizer.

greenpeace: in the 'more dangerous world' of today, what would you say to a shipment of plutonium being transported by an unarmed british flagged cargo ship from france to japan? nope, didn't think you'd like it much, either.

opera 6 final for windows.

modbee: music industry quietly unveiling copy-proof cd's.

linux hardware: kt266a mobos benchtested.

ananova: cloning laws in japan allow human/animal mix. ah, dear mr. hyde! i'm dr. jekyll ...

ananova: hazrat ali, warlord, plans to attack tora bora. i have to laugh; it sounds like i'm reporting on a science fiction/fantasy novel ...

bbc sci/tech: breakthrough for stem cell research. apparently, they can grow brain cells ...

la times: enron gets zapped by its own greed. and a call for federal oversight, if nothing else.

yahoonews/reuters: looks like the connecticut case of anthrax may be cross-contamination.

maccentral: ten years of quicktime.

if you're running windows, and use beta software: the feedreader 2.0 beta. still has some bugs [and be warned thusly], but it is now multi-threaded - adding even more speed and convenience. you will begin to notice a wider range of sources to my posts, thanks to this tool. and, keep a weather eye on newsfeeds.manilasites.com for rss channels to add.

the association of photographers, uk.

news wales: 2,000 year old roman burial site uncovered in west wales.

boston globe: taliban escapees resuming battle. see my comments to the times of india article below.

via andrew sullivan (because of the link below), a quite "bush doctrine"-happy charles krauthammer article in the washington post. i would posit one other thing besides seeming victory on 'the arab street.' we will have conquered afghanistan in months, something the soviet union couldn't do in ten years. different circumstances, of course, but it does send one's mind down interesting pathways ...

mac central: andrew sullivan goes mac, after a disastrous windows xp upgrade experience.

global free press/tidepool: beginning of the end for genetically engineered foods? this article seems quite sure; i'm not. but the survey results showing that 'more than 90 percent of americans would avoid genetically-engineered products if given a choice" gives me hope. i'm not totally against g-e's ... i just want full disclosure and alternatives. i don't think that's too much to ask. oh, and yes, i buy free-range hand-gathered eggs, always ...

linux world: intro to lxp, the xml/postgresql application server.

duke of url: review of the pogo linux altura athlon xp workstation. [stay that six times fast] $999.

cnet: online limits to the first amendment.

linux security: securing debian how-to.

newsforge: python has had it's license approved by the open source initiative.

slashdot: sharp's got their new zaurus pda with embedded linux for sale, $399.

washington post: poor prose.

globe and mail: when critics don't play by the book.

guardian.uk: a heritage erased. the kabul museum reopens.

santa fe new mexican: residents want speeding stopped on county roads. remember the speed trap outside my house the other night? hmmm. $1500 for a speed bump. i could swing that. heck, i'll build it myself ...

times of india: pashtun warn alliance. good backstory here. this makes it quite clear how difficult administration of the country will be.

times of india: alliance takes slice of kandahar, 80 taliban prisoners. they're going to release the taliban prisoners and tell them to go home. between this, and that article i saw last week about taliban prisoners being allowed to keep their weapons ... i have to wonder if we aren't making a mistake. will 'afghan pride' counteract religious zeal? "render unto caesar ..."

times of india: bin laden has no nuclear weapons, says the taliban. "if we had possessed them, we would not have waited to use them ..."

times of india: end of the dark days for afghan hindus.

dueling new york times op-eds, on military tribunals. pro and con.

new york times arts: inviting birds for dinner. i would feed birds more, but the seeds attract mice and ground squirrels, which carry bubonic plague and hantavirus here in the southwest. simple answer: a bird bath. we're in the desert, after all. this way, i can watch the migratory species pass through, and i'm not increasing the population of rodents.

new york times technology: considering 'community standards' and internet pornography.

new york times: level of food aid to afghans drops. it seems anarchy is not the safest system in which to disseminate aid.

new york times business: house votes to limit suits by future terror victims.

reuters: gdp contraction larger than expected. 0.9 percent was expected, but 1.1 was the real number. everyone's predicting more rate cuts.

reuters: u.n. investigator to probe u.s. toxic waste exports.

reuters: kazaa says it can't comply with dutch copyright ruling. they disseminate a product ... but they can't control what people do with it. kinda makes one think of the firearm industry ...

craig has the most discursive linkage on george.

i see george harrison has passed away. no need to link; i'm sure you'll stumble on articles all over the place. i think george wouldn't want us to mourn - he is free and out of pain now. rest in peace, george.

i have to agree with dave ... mike is the #1 reason for keeping windex near my computer monitor. is that simon bar sinister? mike, you really have to set up a cafe press store ... copyrights are an issue, of course. but sheesh ...

a light dusting of snow seems to be occurring nightly now, but the morning is cold and bright.