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sat 01 dec 01

one last thing ... 'sacred circles.' oh, yeah.

well, in spite of the revival of 'disco' music at the party (thank god, no 'brick house'), i had an interesting conversation with a research biologist before i put my dancing shoes on. seems i need to revisit my position on genetic alteration of organisms. we discussed polarization in the media, ecosystem resilience, and other interesting concepts. a very enlightening evening. now i have to soak my liver in some mineral water to counteract the copious amounts of wine imbibed while debating points ... see you in the morning.

heading out to an xmas party. see y'all later.

xml.com: rdf and metadata.

learning rdf schema.

bbc: taliban survivors found at mazar-i-sharif prison.

slashdot: discussion on whether, or how, a website should edit user commentary.

xlr8 your mac: dual g4 apple cube mods. oh yeah.

o'reilly linux devcenter: interview with the creator of ruby.

independent women's forum: sex, lies and audiotapes. debunking 'repressed memory' twaddle.

times of india: taliban: "we prefer death to humiliation."

times of india: u.s. may relax restrictions to allow the f.b.i. to more closely monitor religious and political groups.

times of india: u.s. to 'force' iraq to open borders for arms inspections.

new york times letters to the editor: indians, justice and stolen land.

ny times tech: apple offers more than an update to its system.

ny times: ashcroft and leahy battle over expanding police powers.

happy second birthday, manila. dave links to rollout day, but i say read back through the month of november up to rollout. it's like reliving the experience ... excitement amongst frontier users was palpable.

i've been getting slammed on and off by google, so i finally took a look in 'search phrases.' yup ... "lysol and anthrax." #11 for that search. that'll do it.

today is world hiv/aids day ... frankly, *every* day should be so. follow me here has good linkage.

got a lot to do on the personal front today; don't know how much posting i'll be doing. catch as catch can, in other words.

next time i'll pick a better lever for my thoughts.