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mon 03 dec 01

"there is a certain part of all of us that lives outside of time. perhaps we become aware of our age only at exceptional moments and most of the time we are ageless."
- milan kundera, immortality

utne reader: by arming citizens with webcams, a san antonio tv station launches a new era in broadcast journalism. it's past time for a video/weblog paradigm ... time to kick a few broadband cans ...

bbc: argentina curbs cash withdrawals. "argentina suffers from endemic tax evasion, and badly needs to keep the tax take intact if it is to dig its way out of its crisis."

new statesman.uk: why we must stop dressing like slags. "... unless we're going to get gynaecological, how much more can people expose?"

via weblogs.com, the contax g pages.

the digital journalist. south south east.

the atlantic: the awakening of the negro, booker t. washington, 1896. "the white man was held up before him as the highest type of civilization, but the negro noted that this highest type of civilization himself did not labor; hence he argued that the less work he did, the more nearly he would be like a white man."

ronald reagan: "well, that's a real dipsy-doodle ..."

mother jones: politics in the name of stimulus. a short, but to-the-point interview with nobel prize winning economist joseph stiglitz. i love this quote: "his predictions for growth were reminiscent of the false predictions made under reagan, when tax revenues actually fell as a result of a package that he said would be stimulus." ah, someone who *remembers*, someone who has learned from the past.

economist.uk: say 'r'. economists rot at predicting recession. ours could last as long as 21 months ... then again, an economist is predicting ...

economist.uk: the pressure on yasser arafat. written before israel's military response.

[sound of slide being pulled back. sound of blowing smoke from end of barrel.] the second mouse is pushin' up daisies, bro.

village voice: from the margins erased. homeless people missing in the wtc tragedy.

slate: the war briefers.

ny times: terror anthrax linked to type made by u.s. military. "this is very high-quality stuff."

maccentral: macworld eddy award winners announced.

wow, was that a shock to see my old zeldman icon pop back up on weblogs.com. cool.

yahoo news/reuters: sharon aims squarely at arafat. copying the 'bush tone.' i'm curious to see if saddam will take a pot shot at israel, widening all the mideast/asian conflicts ... he'd be an idiot if he did, but you never know.

wired: the great ms outlook patch nobody uses.

freshmeat: post-nuke 0.70. also, yesterday: webware for python 0.6.

smart pros: exposing salaries, a not-for-profit dilemma.

cnn world: nigerian woman's stoning put off, temporarily.

national post: in canada, energy coalition aims to lobby against kyoto signing.

ny times: at the flight 93 crash site, a museum in the making.

html goodies: interactive form script.

ibm developerworks: better programming in perl.

the register: ibm, amd unveil terahertz transistor breakthroughs.

i'm just so busy today. linkage will be thin, unfortunately. need to concentrate.

new zealand herald: j.r.r. tolkein sold the movie rights for 'lord of the rings' for $10k pounds in 1968. the family's none too happy at the moment.

ny times op-ed: keep the focus on al-qaeda.

ny times: the 'get iraq' crowd is gaining strength inside the beltway.

you know, for being a 'recession,' i'm busier than heck.