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thu 06 dec 01


museum of modern art: what is a print?

i need to get away from all this for a while. back later.

god have mercy.

bay area.com: rash of baby rapes in south africa. "the baby rapes are said to be linked to a myth that sex with a virgin will cure a man of aids." bush can talk all he wants to about 'evil' ... *this* is the personification of evil, to my mind. five months old. five months. heinous.

nj.com: over 200 teachers in jail now. okay, according to this article: "the teachers, who make an average of $56,000 annually, are fighting a move to increase their health care premiums by up to $600 per person, per year. currently, they pay $250." 250 bucks a *year* for health insurance? my sympathy quotient just went way down. a quote from the judge, in reference to how many teachers are bailing out, is priceless: "it's a good thing there wasn't a back door at the alamo."

national post online.uk: trucks that run on 'chicken waste' and used cooking oil. not chicken excrement, but chicken scraps. dang, those trucks might make you hungry when they pass by ...

ny times: three cleared via dna enjoy liberty after 15 years. "we can only wonder about how many innocent people we've executed and how many hundreds, thousands of people are languishing in prison for crimes they did not commit."

missed this at antipixel: random acts of calibration. oh, yeah. been there, done that. last week?

reuters: 'lost city' ruins off cuba. i tell ya, if democracy ever blossoms in cuba ... you'll see me pack up lock, stock and barrel and head off to search for spanish galleons. there's treasure to be found! ever hear of teddy tucker in bermuda? he found most of his wrecks using a bucket with a glass bottom. the point is, there's been no real effort to discover wrecks since the communist regime took over.

reuters: not sure if it's "potteritis", but here comes a film version of "the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe."

reuters: and, there's some nut shooting people inside a factory in indiana. more news on this to come.

reuters: man found with knife, two rifles, bulletproof vest, and other paraphernalia ... at the white house.

i know it's thursday, but it feels like it should be friday. it *should* be friday.

ananova: u.n. copyright treaty for internet gets go-ahead.

cnn: dna evidence casts doubt on desalvo as 'boston strangler.'

velonews: u.s. postal team heads to austin for training.

environment news service: european fishing quotas slashed to save species. "... the amount of adult fish able to reproduce is well below the levels required for the regeneration of these species."

computer weekly: mckinsey: why i.t. does not improve productivity.

xml.com: scrollkeeper, open-source document management.

washington post, dec. 3: gop aide targets 57 regulations. where's mccain, and his 'blood on the floor of the senate'? lob the corporate lobbyists out of the beltway, please.

oops! hit the wrong button, and for the first time, lost a post.

the nation: if a nuke plant blows, will your insurance reimburse you? who pays the damages? learn about the price-anderson insurance subsidy.

ap: rep. waxman wants vice president cheney to provide details of any enron meetings involved with our national energy policy.

boston globe: imf to argentina: sorry, no loans.

bonjour paris.

greenpeace: the bhopal disaster of 17 years ago still isn't over.

freshmeat: wesql [control sql directly from html!], project gutenberg markup tool [multi-platform].

tom's hardware: how to run windows inside linux with win4lin. could you make that penguin any *bigger*?

newsforge: making linux look harder than it is.

mac central: omniweb 4.06.

ny times op-ed: i thought everyone was reading today's safire opinion piece, 'voices of negativism.' an individual emailed, asking why i hadn't linked it. well, anything that's so popular one can't help falling over it, doesn't need to be linked ... or does it?

xmlhack: free xml tutorial updated.

wired gives the kpmg stink a wider audience. good. witness the power of a weblog, and the weblog community.

geeknews: kill html in outlook.

macnn: mac os 9.2.2 direct download links. you need an applecare username/password combo.

freshmeat: quantlib [python].

the new republic: book review, "temperament, the idea that solved music's greatest riddle."

santa fe new mexican: "the forest service put up no-shooting signs last summer. apparently, the signs make excellent targets."

times of india: hamid karzai 'is a gandhi fan.'

times of india: leftover papers in kabul link al-qaeda to the 1999 kathmandu hijacking ... as well as to the wtc tragedy.

ny times letters to the editor: civil liberties, terror and war. read the last letter.

ny times: the web turns conversation into a trivia contest.

ny times: cutting the smithsonian budget.

ny times: as refugees suffer, supplies sit in uzbekistan.

ny times: they can tap lawyer-client conversations, but they won't do background checks on gun purchases. good grief. thanks, ray.

reuters: physicists can't find the 'higgs boson.'

reuters: taliban to begin surrender of kandahar on friday. the afghans, it seems, will take no action against mullah omar. what will the u.s. response be, i wonder?

clean and bright this morning.