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fri 07 dec 01

first things: darwin and the descent of morality.

skeptic: personal gods, deism, and the limits of skepticism. "there is a fundamental, if rarely fully appreciated, distinction between openly criticizing a position, which is part of the very idea of free speech, and attempting to coerce people into believing what you think is true, or limiting their ability to believe and practice what you think is not true."

the progressive: ashcroft on the loose.

interesting things at new left review.

ananova: evidence of 'global consciousness'?

ananova: if you're bored tonight, you can help a teenage boy get the girl of his dreams. then again, the site they point to looks like a small cottage industry ...

susan's got cool shots of the satellite launch ...

i miss booknotes ...

grant goes anærobic over ligatures ...

nasa earth observatory: between 1400 and 1700, it seems more likely we had a 'little ice age.'

iwon: japanese woman dies in search for fictional loot from movie 'fargo.' oh for heaven's sake ...

ny times: lawsuit challenges federal energy leases. yeah, around red rock canyon, utah, this is.

looking for the 'turban chaser' ...

iwon: lawmakers angry fbi can't check gun records. "asked several times by various senators if he wanted to change the law, ashcroft said he would "consider" legislation proposed by senators and enforce it if it were enacted into law."

o'reilly mac devcenter: apache web serving with mac os x, part one. thanks, morbus.

zdnet.uk: the christmas season's spam is 650 percent higher than the same period last year.

outdoorsmagic: climbing crosses iranian cultural divide. "... the local women were climbing hard routes kitted out in full-length macks and headscarves ..." now *that's* one hell of a physical feat, imho.

blacknet: schizophrenia linked to discrimination and racism. as a white male in america, i have had few experiences being a minority. but those few times i have experienced, i can understand this circumstance quite clearly. frankly, i'm surprised noone's done a study on it before.

bbc: india to allow genetically-modified cotton seeds to be sold.

yahoonews/reuters: u.s. forces breakup of germ warfare pact; eu angry.

the register: the european union has decided that unsolicited email is out, cookies are tolerated, and data retention remains.

reuters: turkish women wear trousers in protest.

for some reason, i couldn't get through to the times of india today. oh well. i'm sure you've all seen their headlines, so i'll wait till the morrow.

human rights watch: anti-terrorism legislation flawed, a letter to the senate. october 22, 2001.

eff analysis of the provisions of the usa patriot act. read this. and watch what you google.

reason online: death wish. positing the premise that kooks don't get what they deserve, merely what they want ...

economist: unstoppable wal-mart.

webmasterbase: a web-based mysql command line.

ibm developerworks: using emacs for xml documents.

newsforge: netscape 6.2.1 for windows. that is, if you're not using mozilla ...

sysadmin disaster of the month contest.

bbc: seven russians arrested whilst attempting to sell 2.2 pounds of possibly weapons-grade uranium.

newsforge: government looks to linux to avoid viruses. one wonders how much this recent spate of outlook viruses has cost corporate america. betcha it's in the millions ...

m.l.u.g.: the power of chroot. that's chroot, not cheroot.

mac central: tribeworks ishell moves to 2.5.1. if you use director, take a peek at this.

freshmeat: ftpcube, built along the lines of leechftp ... but in python. looks like they have mac, win32 and x11. pre-alpha. also, mod_survey, an apache/perl module that allows construction of surveys in xml.

subversion, a 'compelling' replacement for cvs in the open source community.

newsforge/bbc: bill gate's admits his computer crashes.

designtecnica: sharp zaurus sl-5500. i dig how they implemented the slide-out keyboard. embedded linux, too.

having a bit of an 'off' day today. sorry. too many things in this old brain cavity.

'the jet set.'

newtimesla: nap attack. "one approach [to shut down p2p networks] is a variation on the denial-of-service attacks that have clogged high-profile web sites in recent years." boy, i bet that does wonders for the internet as a whole.

alwin also had a link to a previous baby-rape incident in south africa; i must have been getting ready for thanksgiving, and missed it.

billsaysthis: copyright assholes. i'm linking this because bill and i traded emails back a while ago about this. most of you should have noticed that my frequency of linking to global free press has diminished quite a bit. now i dig for the source, thanks to bill. but sometimes, they've got something juicy and i just don't have time to dig around to find the original source. purely 'news greed' on my part, really. i want that link, but for whatever reason i don't have time to research it properly. i, too, wish that global free press would use a short quote, and an actual link. or, at minimum, offer a source link to each article they reproduce. they have a disclaimer about 'fair use' at the bottom of their site, but like bill, i have doubts about how they put 'fair use' into practice. it's time to put my newsmongering aside and use global free press purely as an aggregator - not as a linkable source. your mileage may vary of course, but this is the path i will follow from here on out.

ny times op-ed: john ashcroft misses the point.

okay, so i'm being a crab. i'm allowed once in a while. take the previous with a grain of salt. got a morning meeting. linkage here after 11.

i also note that there was an increased incidence of 'pearl harbor ... own it TONIGHT' advertisements on television last evening. bad taste, imho. would you brook "ANTIETAM, THE BLOODY GORE" on the anniversary of the battle?

turn on the computers, started up email ... and what do i see? "SEE FURRY NAKED BARNYARD ANIMALS." aw, gimme a break. i can look out the window and see some of those ...