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mon 10 dec 01

ananova: those who served in the gulf war are twice as likely to manifest lou gehrig's disease.

reuters: u.s. department of the interior website comes down.

reuters: american greetings to begin charging for web cards.

zope: zmailman.

freshmeat: nsa security-enhanced linux, xtunes [what a surprising design ... erk], pecos [content management].

opencascade.com. 3d. win2k. linux.

slashdot: quickies. wild and whacky, this.

ace's hardware: the workstation guide, part one. building your box.

ain't got no gription, folks. case in point, i had labelled today sunday instead of monday. thanks, chris.

os news: freebsd as a unix workstation for newbies.

linux journal: install debian on a dell laptop.

yahoonews/reuters: italy to rebuild rome in new high-tech museum. sounds an awful lot like the venetian and bellagio in las vegas.

4dportal. knowledge management?

slashdot: judging paypal.

heise.de: the imac is dead; long live the imac. flat panel and 17 inch monitor imacs.

ananova: the bear-proof suit ... isn't. and seriously, won't ever be.

velonews: driver gets murder conviction for running down cyclist. ever had an irate driver behind you, while you're on a bicycle? ever question their sanity? this is good news. i hope other states look to this case.

daily news: 20 bodies found in wtc ruins. as they excavate the stairwells further, this number will undoubtedly rise.

bbc: analysis, military tribunals. "no country in europe could extradite detainees to the united states if there were any chance they could be put before these military tribunals."

chicago tribune: shareware can help trim a strained computing budget. linked because the subject is of interest, but not necessarily the article.

bbc: iran announces a jump in hiv figures. how will fundamentalist islam deal with aids?

ny times tech: striving to top the search listings.

online.ie: documents prove u.s. approved suharto's invasion of east timor.

philly.com: greenspan isn't the only signpost.

vnu.net: linux supporter challenges virus claim.

computer weekly: computer associates embraces web services. [click fast, link rot.]

bbc: support breasts, not dictators. protesting a lingerie firm's use of a factory in burma.

common dreams: torn from the land. black americans losing family land ... and why. [article also at imdiversity.com.]

international herald tribune: 'every tongue got to confess', negro folktales from the gulf states.

cosmiverse: ethiopian religious artifact discovered in british church cupboard.

the times.uk: sheepdogs are a casualty of the foot-and-mouth epidemic. if you're in england, adopt a border collie ...

worldwatch: u.s. farmers 'double-cropping.' corn and wind power. hey, if i had tillable acreage, i wouldn't think twice.

bbc: strikes on somalia unjustified.

online.ie: 'most wanted' terrorist captured in kenya.

a note: silicon caulk *does not* peel off adobe easily. it sticks like glue. some well-meaning store clerk fed me a bunch of hooey. good thing i tested first. so, i guess i'll weight our farolitos down with rocks ... low-tech, low impact.

the register: email empowers women.

poweron is giving away free versions of actionmenus. (mac).

freshmeat: bsdftpd-ssl, jess [java], econtent, dcp-portal.

the register: open source internet explorer?

guardian.uk: going nowhere with baudelaire on the top deck.

philly.com: is tolkein's work great literature?

new zealand herald: twilight of the rock gods. if they're no longer commercially viable, will they pull back and create more 'real' music? i wonder.

ny times letters to the editor: military justice.

i'm feeling exceptionally cryptic today.

ny times: iran, 'talk to america.'

ny times: night shift in the ground zero pit.

ny times: tape surfaces with remarks by bin laden.

i needed to spend some time away from the computers. my eyes were going square.