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tue 11 dec 01

petersen's photographic film buyers guide (nav is the 'page two' small type at bottom left of page). comprehensive, and clear. wish i could say the same for the nav ...

physics today: edward condon and the cold war politics of loyalty. a good civil liberties read.

in these times: forgotten freedoms. "the people can always be brought to do the bidding of the leaders. that is easy. all you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger." hermann goering.

the song of parasaurolophus.

bostonglobe: ashcroft's gun-coddling hypocrisy.

internet.com: about.com scraps free email, hosting.

nature: new brain cells may wipe memory.

i.t.: internet trade shooting anti-tobacco laws in the foot. buy tobacco online with no warnings ... and often no age checks.

moscow times: spread-eagled on an oil rig.

guardian.uk: defiant nigeria to import generic hiv drugs.

usa today: iran's khatami warns against stifling student protests.

cnn sci/tech: online shopping 13% higher in november than last year.

ny times: on thursday, all eyes will be on oracle's performance. sell short in tech?

science daily: chemical engineers suggest alzheimer's onset tied to cholesterol, brain chemicals.

the australian: witches using potter's popularity to recruit. pffft.

sfgate: art from hands, wood, color.

national post online: argentina risks defaulting on debt.

freshmeat: newsstar.

reuters: world's rarest train set to go up for auction.

susan did a cool animated gif of the jason launch.

today has been a day of mountain climbing. as soon as i summit one, there's a second just behind, about twice as high. i'm pacing myself ...

cnet: stocks climb after rate cut.

xmlhack: apache cocoon 2.0. xml framework.

yahoonews/reuters: egyptian anchorman sends barbs towards u.s. we need to get this guy and a decent american anchorperson in a debate. i'd tune in for that ...

macnn: morphon xml editor beta.

dpreview: minox releases a beautiful little 2 megapixel digicam.

for mac, prosql updated.

if you hadn't noticed, craig is back.

i see i wasn't the only one to spot the new 'terrorism survival guide' glossy mag. my encounter was in the k-mart checkout line. put it in your collection next to the 50's "atomic shelter" plans ...

linux programming: php 4.1.0 released.

wired: online journalism is 'the same as print', as far as protections from libel are concerned.

vbxml: sort a table using the header of a table.

o'reillynet linux devcenter: new vulnerability in openssh.

the register: i know you've all been just *dying* for this announcement: aol for os x.

the accidental programmer.

slashdot: world governments choose linux for security.

globe and mail: flood, or no flood? geology of the black sea, and noah. waiting for the sewers to back up. if you remember your cosby ...

chronicle of higher ed: finding meaning in the margins.

santa fe new mexican: training to find downed airplanes ... on horseback.

ny times op-ed: tom daschle isn't the problem.

ny times travel: where to shop in paris.

ny times health: an upswing in the incidence of gastroesophageal reflux. eat right, exercise. and don't smoke.

ny times: special interests and the bioterrorism bill. maybe a group of us ought to get together and get a 'webloggers emergency fund' tacked on to one of these bills. hire ourselves a lobbyist.

reuters: popocatepetl shows it's mettle [again]. trips off the tongue nicely.

reuters: mr. 'flat tax', dick armey, may retire from congress.

reuters: smaller rate cuts from the fed?

reuters: dozens of taliban died in transit. one wonders where they got all the 'modern' shipping containers.

it is the three month anniversary of the wtc/pentagon attacks.

brief sun, a dusting of snow ... and grey to the west. more snow coming.