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wed 12 dec 01


it's also a good night for green chile stew. warms you up from the inside out. it should be considered the official santa fe 'winter warmup' meal. for some of us, it's a comfort food. for others, it's a laxative. go figure.

or, conversely, use your wipers more often.

happy holidays, folks. and beware of autofocus.

farolitos in the front courtyard

fun to see what autofocus chooses sometimes.

well, it's been snowing off and on all day. i had a chance to go out and clear off the walks and driveway, only to have another snow squall spin off the mountains and dump another two or three inches. beautiful, though. had to rush over to fedex, and on the way back caught a glimpse of the sangres, freshly powdered and in full sunshine. the ski basin must've gotten walloped, because i couldn't even pick out individual trees ... just sheer white.

ibm developerworks: using css2 to display xml documents. a less 'expensive' alternative to xslt.

the american prospect: stockade justice.

bloomberg: lance armstrong may bring a team of bodyguards to the tour de france.

boston globe: don tennant, the ad man behind 'tony the tiger', passed away. 'fly the friendly skies of united' was his brainchild, too.

iwon: ukrainian journalists armed with rubber bullets.

japan times: stem cells used to heal monkey spines. one can't help but think of christopher reeve ...

cnn: control diesel fuel, coal and wood soot ... and you might be able to control global warming.

quicken.com: tepid economic growth in first quarter 2002.

outdoors magic: do android climbers dream of flourescent sheep? i couldn't resist retitling ...

chicago tribune: september 11 photo books do brisk business as historical records.

national post online: phew! the end of art.

chicago tribune: art institute of chicago on a roll with a 'train show.' some of us still mourn the loss of the original penn station in new york ...

zdnet: microsoft takes potshots at linux. who is better embedded? loaded question.

slashdot: united states patent 6,330,670, digital rights management operating system.

linux journal: book review, 'essential gimp for web professionals'.

earthweb: using php operators.

freshmeat: phptalk, jbleep [ping weblogs.com], hotani web page template.

reuters: ashcroft's going on a 'four-nation tour' of europe.

reuters: france will not accept the death penalty for terror suspect.

reuters: a b-1 crashed in the indian ocean; looks like the crew are ok.

yahoo news/reuters: iranian hard-line judiciary close down newspapers. remind you of anyone?

cnet: senate leaders skeptical of microsoft deal.

yahoo news/reuters: hamas applauds the use of poison in bombs. "... nails and bolts packed into explosives ... [snip] ... had been dipped into rat poison."

newsforge: bynari announces free insight client 2.6 for linux.

tech-report: amd mp 1900+ processor.

debian planet: install debian on powerpc.

linux world: intro to programming in lxp. [xml/postgresql application server]

yahoo news/reuters: moscow watchful on possible u.s. abm exit. so, what's europe's take on this these days? comfy-cozy?

improving mysql performance on openbsd.

onlamp: ipsec tunnelling between freebsd hosts.

linux journal: web presentation, dirt cheap and fast. last time i looked, these kinds of utilities were a dime a dozen ...

bbc sci/tech: super-fast ships in our future?

chicago tribune: gop failed to draw the religious right in 2000.

zope: cmf 1.2 beta 1 released.

ny times arts: the glass harmonica.

la times: there's nothing wrong with artists using tricks. one question. where are all these optics? if they were such a prized tool, they'd be mentioned in diaries and journals, saved as precious items. i haven't seen any - have you?

guardian.uk: easy does it. what's your definition of art?

santa fe new mexican: full access to valles caldera years away. if hunters can go in, why not some backcountry permits for hikers?

ny times books: two books seek lessons from the great depression.

ny times: the cdc wants to begin research on anthrax. read the 'questions.'

ny times: quiet on the social security front. and the republicans would like to keep it that way.

ny times regional: where is the charity money, and who gets it?

ny times: u.s. to pull out of abm treaty.

reuters: scooter craze fades with dot-com bust.

reuters: slugbot. i thought a dish of beer worked ...

reuters: house set to vote on election reform.

reuters: 'american taliban' says there's to be a biological attack on america at the end of ramadan.

santa fe new mexican: snow catches santa fe off-guard.

guess what it's doing here this morning:

8 am, mst in santa fe