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mon 17 dec 01

i think i need to dig out my beanie with the propeller on top, just for the next day or so. i'm getting some *fun* email. on top of such mind-benders, my hitachi 19" is beginning to act bizarre. can one stave off such synchronicity? guess not.

i was beginning to look through my stats from a year ago, and what do i find? nothing. webtrendslive is now cutting off one's history after a certain point, unless you move to the 'pay-for' model. wish they'd warned me. i have server stats available to me now; maybe it's time to divorce myself from webtrends. side benefit: my pages would validate.

middle east newsline: u.s. miffed at turkey's economic cooperation with iraq.

zdnet: amd hits 1ghz mark for budget laptops. less'n a grand? maybe it's time to retire the old pentium 2 ...

cnn: u.s. debates move on iraq.

dmnews: email marketing to grow.

mckinsey quarterly: strategy in an uncertain world. pdf.

cnet: ibm to encourage linux programs for small business. that's cool.

alertnet: afghan children injured by exploding 'toys.' if we have the money to drop 'em, we should have the money to clean 'em up ...

knowledge management: hyperwave, 'the power of wisdom.'

iwon: u.s. oilmen want iran sanctions dropped.

asianweek: on the front line of civil liberties. and, "what's so patriotic about trampling on the bill of rights?"

new scientist: if you cook with gas, keep young kids out of the kitchen.

ncpa: when will the fed start tightening? "... the fed has always believed that its job is to take away the punch bowl just when the party starts to get good ..."

zdnet: playboy's seven keys to a successful e-commerce site.

bikemagic: bmw patents motorcycle 'airbags.' can't help it, i keep picturing a beach ball ... and bouncing down the tarmac.

femail.uk: are you cooking your turkey correctly? don't stuff that bird ...

cnn: literary magazine prints faulkner letter. learn of 'aunt callie.'

interracial voice: the racial privacy initiative.

international herald tribune: george harrison's movies. "handmade."

linuxjournal: post-installation configuration of a dell laptop. debian gnu/linux on a dell latitude.

*sigh*. back to normal programming.

for those who have been emailing, i guess i need to clear things up: my reward in weblogging is the weblogging itself. i neither want nor desire anything more. q.e.d.

a 'friend' awarded me this. leaves me noplace to go but up [so much for ever being an a-lister]:

best of the f list ... this site rots.

ananova: from saturday, 13th century frescoes found beneath siena cathedral. just don't let any ham-handers 'restore' them ...

ananova: vitamin e may prevent alzheimer's. "this therapy almost completely corrects the abnormalities in a mouse model of human neurodegenerative disease."

too busy today to get into anything deep.

SHIFT HAPPENS. at least, occasionally.

linux programming: python-url!

freshmeat: index generator, my own diary.

reuters: 13 techs 'booted' from the nasdaq 100.

reuters: anthrax likely originated in u.s. okay, now let's talk about 'traitors' ...

hmmm ... reading rumors that the republicans would like to oust treasury secretary o'neill. is this why dick armey's retiring now? so we can have 'mr. secretary flat-tax'?

zdnet: penny-pinching companies turn to e-cards. well now, that's not fair. i did some fairly complex e-cards for a couple of businesses last year. some people want to save money, yes ... but some want to impress, too.

newsforge via pcworld via infoworld (whew.): is linux immune to email viruses?

xmlhack: xml 1.1 working draft.

btw, if anyone has screenshots of the 'old' array black theme (either the white, modeled navigation or the red lozenge navigation), i'd appreciate having a copy. i changed designs like other people changed socks ... and i didn't even save a version [even to laugh at]. later: sam obliges me with a small screenshot of the lozenge design.

an editthispage.com pioneer? me? well, maybe, now that i think about it. for almost nine months i spent countless hours and many sleepless nights digging in the corners of manila and editthispage, learning the blogging shtick. i came from a heavy-graphics background, and got kinda cranky about it at times [click and read all the links]. then there were all the great, unfinished ideas. nothing before or since ever spurred my creativity so prolifically. remember my hokey 'panning-screenshots' javascript? manila/frontier was my initial exposure to content management, and i jumped in with both feet. thanks for the nomination, dave. personally, i voted for susan. her stories took manila further as a writing medium, and she continues to use and actively help improve manila. her fidelity also deserves recognition above and beyond my 'once upon a time' efforts. that's "pioneering," to me. hard to choose, though. everyone on the pioneer list i count as a friend. took me all night thinking about it to choose.

zdnet: security measures, linux vs. bsd.

wired: athletes enhance performance by sleeping in high-altitude tents. unless they increase altitude gradually, i guarantee you not much sleeping's getting done.

maccentral: powermail 3.1 goes imap, as well as other changes. wish mailsmith'd go imap ...

cnet: paypal going ipo. this one's going nowhere.

freshmeat: yet another weblog news system [perl], xmlto, quicktime for linux, myphpblog, apache toolbox.

evil 3d: best workstation for linux *and* xp.

wsj opinion journal: thus i refute oliver stone.

faz: a new coercion. "when it comes to emancipation, strangely no one seems to believe in freedom anymore."

la times: 'art issues' is no more.

ny times letters to the editor: can the internet be left to the market?

ny times: court lessens federal power to shut down meat plants. er, i'll have that burger *well done*, please.

sunny, bright and cold.