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thu 20 dec 01

i figure i'll try a hot toddy ... and vicks vaporub. 'nyquil' reminds me of socrates' hemlock. last time i drank it, i snuffed out like a candle. hmmm ... i also found a recipe for rum punch ... thinking of dickens ...

and we'll begin to hear more about the insurance/legal limits on what a human life is worth. a few years ago, when aids was unchecked, insurance policies dropped to two mill. they've gone back up to five mill in the last two years. [they really oughtn't be capped at all.] add in various other types of damages, and i believe i'd think twice before agreeing to an unknown 'fund' payout.

cnn: sept. 11 widow sues united. "she does not want the u.s. taxpayers to pay for her claim with the airline," nolan said. "united airlines was fully insured." uh-huh. now, where *is* all that donated money going? there must be a central website to track what's being dispersed. i'm curious. the money grab's not yet begun.

slashdot: new windows worm.

freshmeat: saxon [xml].

ananova: pantar, the son of 'jack the ripper' and 'red lips' has broken two of his legs. he'll recover.

o'reilly: understanding rootkits.

serious security flaw in windows xp/me. the advisory and patch are here.

zdnet: sklyarov, enemy or friend? includes links to his slides from defcon.

happy blogday, jonas!

low-end mac: linux lies. looking more closely at that "0.25% of the internet" number.

slashdot: has free software saved any schools? an interesting thread.

politicalwire says the economic stimulus bill is dead. which party'll get the blame?

webmonkey: for the novice, php from the ground up. they also have a decent web typography tutorial. you'll know the lingo, at least.

topxml: simple xslt transformation with php 4.1.0 and sablotron.

gopherholes of thera: mtree.

linux planet likes the casio fiva mpc-206vl.

mp3newswire: kazaa ignores shutdown order.

freshmeat: dav ain't vi (dav), askemos, r, phpwebtools.

bbedit 6.5.1. download page. what's new. support for jsp and the python command line debugger, amongst *many* other things ...

newsforge: kde 3.0beta1.

sorry. periodic naps help the well-being, not necessary weblogging or production work.

the american prospect: boring buildings.

ny times: what publishers read for fun. a hint: neither herodotus nor 'batman' comics.

faz: beethoven's childhood viola is played again.

times of india: bush administration mulls fuel economy credit scheme. "... automakers say such action would be costly and would mean making lighter vehicles, which can be less safe." erm, which would you rather be in, a '59 cadillac or a '02 volvo during an accident? point is, 'crush zones' and other technologies will preserve lives while saving weight. ask f1 drivers. anyway, let the engineers work it out.

times of india: u.s. forces are operating within pakistan.

ny times: some blood donors get 'bad news.' this article's a bit weird. giving blood may have prolonged or saved these folks' lives, too.

ny times: iraqi defector tells of at least 20 hidden weapons sites. interesting timing for this report.

reuters: sony ceo ibuyuki idei fears a delayed sept. 11 effect. i think he's right.

reuters: meat eaters at higher risk for cancer. looks like they didn't address whether it's the nature of meat, or the nature of hormones and other growth-enhancing products.

reuters: the mechanical table saves you from talking to the same person all night.

reuters: saddam hussein, novelist.

cnn: don't take aspirin and ibuprofen at the same time. i can't imagine anyone doing this, but then there are those out there who believe 'anacin' and 'bayer' are not both aspirin products. later: a reader wises me up ... if you take a single aspirin for your heart, you might take ibuprofen later for other 'pains.' what does one do in that situation?

sniff. um ... okay, that's the "g" key. "o's" are over there. a "d". space. ah. "m" "o" "r" ... "nin" too much work for my right hand. "g". sip of echinacea tea.