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fri 21 dec 01

on that note, i'm going to bed.

yeah, yeah, i know ... electric socks, right?

oh, you don't know what the christmas eve walk on canyon road is? all the galleries stay open late, most light bonfires outside. there are groups of individuals spontaneously singing christmas carols. each gallery offers different libations and snacks ... people come from miles around to 'do the walk.' two years ago, we happened to stumble upon a family singing traditional spanish carols ... quite wonderful. hot cider, a bonfire ... a little singing ... what more could you want?

the entire town of santa fe seems lit with luminarias, icicle lights ... and the occasional bonfire. i'll be doing the christmas eve walk down canyon road, and don't worry ... i *am* planning to take lots of pictures.

went to the 8:00 performance of the santa fe desert chorale (armed with tissues, scarves, etc.). they have a relatively new director, dr. dennis shrock ... who, to my pleasant surprise, spent some time at my beloved westminster choir college in princeton. the quality of performance has gone way up since the last time i saw this group, and i posit his leadership as the main reason why. the tunes they covered (if you have any interest in choral music):

gloria in cielo e pace in terra, laudario
resonet in laudibus, praetorius
o magnum mysterium, byrd
hodie christus, natus est, gabrieli
ave maria, biebl
de tierra lejana venimos, arr. weiss
les anges dan nos campagnes, arr. parker
jesus, jesus, rest your head, arr. terri
noel ayisyen, arr. desamours
al dormir el sol, duron
a siolo flasiquiyo, gutierrez de padilla
quatre motets pour le temps de noel, poulenc
sans day carol, arr. houkom
hacia belen va un borrico, arr. parker
the hills are bare at bethlehem, arr. johnson
hannukkah madrigal, arr. fromm
keresimesi qdun de o, arr. whalum

and they closed with a lovely 'silent night.'

ananova: man may have arrived in britain up to 200,000 years earlier than previously believed.

ananova: horses have built-in dampers.

zdnet: dell mistake leads to discount. wow. a mistyped number, or a misplaced period can cost you some serious green in our wired economy ...

xmlhack: xsl, xpath, xquery drafts.

topxml: return mysql queries normally or as xml.

yahoonews/reuters: self-donated cells boost immunity in hiv patients.

global beat: of peacekeeping and rogue states, june 2000.

reuters: bush offers u.s. military to other nations. now, here i thought the right wing's stance was that the united states should not become the world's police force.

cnet: software glitch grounds nikon coolpix 5000. just forgetting to remove the lens cap, in a certain situation, will produce a user-unrecoverable error. dpreview links the firmware update.

if you use mac/eudora, you might want to look at email magician.

billsaysthis is giving us a play-by-play on his results with metafilter's ads.

cnn: inside the world trade centers after the attacks.

feels like if i sneeze one more time, my head'll snap off at the neck ...

looking critically at some tripod-mounted shots from my little kodak dc4800, the quality of the lens becomes painfully obvious. well, i've got to work with what i have ...

lycos/environmental news service: last u.s. breeder reactor to be shut down. hanford, washington.

nasa earth observatory: abrupt climate changes are the norm.

silicon valley: on the net, you are what you write. "on the internet, you are what you write. actually, on the internet you are the sum total of everything you have ever written." the john walker case may mean our weblogs will be more closely scrutinized in the future.

health channel: mental health parity bill dead for now.

online.ie: moscow declares the salvation army illegal. "... been accused of being paramilitary because members wear uniforms and hold ranks."

alternet.org: bush continues to spurn requests for meetings with the congressional black caucus.

zope: strip-o-gram, squishdot 1.4.0 [bugfixes].

javascript tip of the day: avoiding early versions of msxml.

mac central: codewarrior moves to 7.1.

security focus: detecting the software switcheroo.

rootprompt: ibm has a new drop of its journaled file system.

bbc: artist inspired by an eternal parisian problem. in artistic terms, "clean up after yer damned dog."

macnn: morphon xml editor 2.0b3.

unix review: tool of the month, vipul's razor.

oh no! the duke of url has shut down.

independent women's forum: the party. "hospitality embodies by its very nature a sacred duty to honor and care for our fellow human beings."

guardian.uk: barry potter and the unauthorised parody.

python 2.2.

national post: don't let your visa expire in australia.

bbc: everyone *loves* the latest royal portrait. erm, it's not a portrait of the queen, btw. it's george schultz. or at least, that's my theory.

the national post online gives us the best and worst christmas ditties. cyndi lauper and frank sinatra? gotta find that one ...

times of india: warlords, schism make afghan power-sharing tough.

osama cologne. i hear it smells like camel's breath ...

ny times letters to the editor: hazardous ground beef.

ny times movie review: a beautiful mind. sounds like it was filmed on my stomping grounds, the princeton campus. i wonder if they'll get the tone right? the atmosphere, with so many mathematicians and physicists in the area ... well, they're quite unique, whacky people. some of them sit in trees, for instance. ah, the stories i could tell. anyway, i'm looking forward to seeing this.

ny times: a patient cameraman in a marsh.

ny times: senators press for an inquiry into intelligence lapses.

ny times: an increase in homicide. "more pink slips mean more crimes."

reuters: passive smoking linked to respiratory problems. well, duh.

reuters: no link between coffee and breast cancer.

reuters: bush says it's unclear whether a stimulus package is still needed. oh, he didn't get his way, so he's going to sulk. poor baby.

cnn: victim's families awards set. see my posts last night. i think we'll see more litigation. whoops ... yep. new york times: 'survivors say plans for fund are stingy.' "sure, it's nice to get money quicker but when the amount you get is 20 percent of what you should be getting, you're very, very far from the mark."

shortest day of the year, solstice today.

still fighting the cold. the tables should turn today, however, if previous bouts are any indication.