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sat 22 dec 01

"what is wrong with the islamic world is that it has destroyed its images, and without these images that are so rich and so full in its tradition, they are going crazy because they have no containers for their extraordinary imaginative power."
- henry corbin.

"when so much of the world comes to us through the media, we slowly, imperceptibly come to believe that we are still living in the world of people, places, things, and events when in sad fact we are living in the world of newspapers, pictures, electronic blips of light and sound. like the denizens of the cave in plato's republic, we too have taken the shadows cast on the wall for the actual objects. we talk to and about shadows while the actual world glides unobtrusively by. imagery generated from experiences that refer to the world but are not themselves the stuff referred to can hardly be compelling."
- peter london, no more secondhand art.

bbc: doesn't it seem, sometimes, that the whole world has begun to 'shoot first, and ask questions later?'

topxml: repeated search-and-replace in xslt.

linuxjournal: protozilla, pipes, protocols and the web browser.

slashdot: build-yer-own 10Mbit/sec optical data link.

o'reilly policy devcenter: working without copyleft. looking at open source licensing.

zdnet: survey, java outstrips .net amongst it pros.

boston herald: 'tis hunting season again. "yee-haw! get them emergency rooms ready. leroy and billy bob is taking a day off from the car wash tomorrow, and they's gonna bag theirselves a 12-pointer. or at least a cow or two."

santa fe new mexican: festus the burro wasn't happy with the live nativity in santa fe.

times of india: will india strike back after ten days? hot, hot, hot.

overly simplistic, i know. just improvising down one path of memory.

one of the the biggest revolutions i perceived from the '60's was the change in the 'respect your elders' attitude. young high school and college students had, in many cases, more education than their parents, and that came hard for the elders. that's why anyone over 30 was called 'dad' by the hipsters ... old, therefore irrelevant. demanding blind obedience helped create the schism between generations. contrast that with the vietnam war (acquiescing to the draft was seen as blind obedience to scheming old men who knew less than you did), and you've got the '60's.

ny times: 'totally extreme taliban.' i'm getting kind of tired of the current myopic view of the '60's. does noone remember the 'jesus freaks'? someone must have written a book about a connection between the current fundamentalist movement and the boomer jesus freaks getting grey ...

ny times: the unforeseen disruption of moving ahead. embrace destructive innovation? not so crazy. it depresses me, on trash cleanup weeks, to see families with children throwing out whole toys. as children, my brother and i took *everything* apart ... trying to discover what made things run. maybe the "microchip era" we're in has made that less fun. but i still strip things apart to see what makes them tick (watch out for capacitors).

ny times: and now, a new york version of star wars. light pollution and night sky brightness are important subjects here in new mexico ... and in this studio. i've got a project coming up that will require me to climb the knowledge curve rather swiftly ...

ny times: flight school warned fbi of suspicions about student. "... might be planning to use a commercial plane loaded with fuel as a weapon ..."

reuters: what?!! amazon might make it's first profit this year.

reuters: the number 4 = death?

reuters: some more backstory of the 'antiques roadshow' swindle.

reuters: 60,000 germans had to sleep in their cars last night, due to a snowstorm in bavaria. there's no indication here of casualties. i assume this means andre and andrea have a white christmas this year?

reuters: u.s. airways is having a problem with nooses. let's hope the idiot doing this realizes nooses don't recognize skin color or creed, as the guillotine didn't recognize class.

reuters: bearded u.s. special forces step out of the shadows.

iht: in the anthrax probe, fbi looks for the money.

thanks to 0.9.7, i can see the international herald tribune again.

mozilla 0.9.7.

getting a bit better, i think. still hot & cold, but the mind's clearer.