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sun 23 dec 01

times of india photo gallery: a beautiful piece of metallurgy, a japanese rocket engine. and forget aibo ... asimo does stairs.

times of india: fbi hampered investigations of al-qaeda.

times of india: one ounce of c-4 would have been enough to breach an airliner window or wall.

like my quick-n-dirty camera? i'll clean up the background tomorrow ...

everybody seems to be quietly implementing 'favicons.' you know, those little icons in the mozilla tabs, in explorer bookmarks, etc. here's microsoft's instructions, also. and, there's a guy in germany with a free windows plugin to create .ico files [hit 'photoshop' then 'icons and cursors']. about.com has a listing of icon and cursor editors for mac, too. (as if mac folks don't already have one or two ...)

today is a cooking/cleaning/preparation day for xmas. time to brainstorm creative ways to crack pecans and chestnuts ...

zope 2.5 beta 3.

javascript tip of the day: transforming xml to html.

o'reilly: ten years after the future began.

freshmeat: fsh [python], index generator.

the register: who needs hackers when we've got microsoft?

newsforge: roaming with your linux laptop; using quickswitch.

slashdot: os x vs. linux on the desktop.

globe and mail: body-fluids-in-a-jar and lights ... art?

bbc: caravaggio's death certificate.

times of india: convoy bombing fracas upsets afghan stability.

ny times: a fair shake for victims. more about the victims' funds.

ny times: ethics, gene therapy, and haemophilia.

ny times: even without a stimulus plan, the outlook brightens.

ny times: oklahoma city bombing victims are questioning the sept. 11 fund.

reuters: other sites i've linked over the past month or so have said online shopping is up. forrester says it's down.

reuters: film, 'behind the sun.'

reuters: bin laden's mother thinks the video soundtrack was faked. "but he's a *good* boy."

a lot of blogdays going on out there. happy blogday to one and all of you.

bright, sunny. almost all snow is gone (rats).