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thu 27 dec 01

i've been thinking, for some reason, about historical jurisprudence. hence this link: foundations of modern law. lots of good links to explore. "whoever is in need of evidence, he shall go on every third day to shout before the witness' doorway.

washington post: on mullah omar.

bbc: germany remembers dietrich.

yahoo news/reuters: the 'yule log' wins the ratings game for xmas morning.

are you living in a computer simulation? via kuro5hin.

excite: commercialization taking over the internet.

newsbytes: a flaw in internet explorer's authentication of ssl.

newsforge: use the web with python.

yahoo news/reuters: apple's steve jobs takes $1 salary again. "i'll have that in pennies, please ..."

web reference: excerpt, designing with javascript [o'reilly], detecting plugins and browsers.

what i want to know is, does he get 'tutsi-fruitsi' ice cream for dessert? happy birthday, christopher.

mindview: bruce eckels, thinking in python. thanks, billsaysthis.

times of india: standoff between kabul and islamabad continues. first mention i've seen of an international war crimes court for this conflict.

ny times letters to the editor: a salmonella standard. toss your sponges after dealing with raw meat.

ny times: digital camera sales are surging.

ny times: pompeii's erotic frescoes awake.

ny times: a play-by-play on the shoe bomber's flight.

if you haven't noticed, dangerousmeta! is *mostly* on vacation till the 2nd. i'll post some stuff from time to time ... but i'm really enjoying my time away from the silicon.