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sun 30 dec 01


just a random shot from the other day. got hungry downtown, and grabbed some carne adovada at the plaza restaurant on the santa fe plaza. the lights outside and the reflections were interesting:

from the plaza restaurant, on the santa fe plaza, december 28, 2001.

linux planet picks the best and worst of 2001.


protect your children! mr. random got a digital camera ...

what is parrot? also via slashdot.

techtv: cactus data shield may not work. found via slashdot.

national science foundation: advancing the research agenda on open source. the home page for the workshop has the same information; i assume it will be filled out as time goes by. "... the unusual nature of open source development, and the benefits claimed for open source software security, reliability, adaptability, as well as economy and openness create opportunities for complementary businesses and pose important policy questions."

kuro5hin opens some discussion on making a more 'democratic' weblog.

freshmeat: python/xml, xmlblaster [xml-rpc, c/java/perl/tcl/python].

javascript tip 'o the day: populating an html template with xml data. follow that one up with looping.

nando times: book confronts arab stereotypes. "... please, read arab fiction. we don't read the bible to understand the west."

times of india: afghan women recall their years of burqa-wearing.

times of india: scientists validate old wive's tales. don't go out in the cold with your hair wet.

times of india: doctors fear ebola is spreading.

ny times: 'shadow' lives ended in wtc. attempting to trace deceased illegal immigrants.

ny times/ap: looking for lewis & clark ...

ny times/ap: scientists seek new life in the smokies. for those interested, home schooling is briefly mentioned.

reuters: the enron blame game may get interesting, very soon.

thanks, hal. this was one of those times i wished i had my film camera with me ... i hope to have a similar sky tonight, though there's now snow all over those fields. i had goosed the digital to 3.1 megapixels uncompressed, but forgot to manually adjust the asa setting ... so it's quite grainy. oh well. live and learn!

about two inches of snow on the ground, more coming.